Next couple of amiibo rounds confirmed for Japan - Shulk, Rosalina, Sonic, Mega Man, and more

Nintendo is releasing amiibo figures in waves. The third round, as revealed by the company today, will include a total of eleven figures.


Moderator note: Older link was broken. Replaced with direct link from NintendoEverything. Link should work now.

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KrisButtar1412d ago

"Error 404 - Page Not Found"

Is anyone else getting this as well?

HonestDragon1412d ago

The link has been fixed. Everything (image and text) can be clearly seen now.

KrisButtar1412d ago

Thanks for the update.

They could have used any of the different designs for Link then the one they used. Its my least favorite of them all.

LightDiego1411d ago

Awesome! Can't wait to collect them. Sonic, Mega Man and Shulk are a great surprise.