Here's How LittleBigPlanet 3 Is Being Marketed on PS4, PS3 in North America

LittleBigPlanet is a franchise that’s so innovative that it deserves an advertisement that’s equally imaginitive. We’re happy to say, then, that this commercial for the third entry in the series is pretty clever. Not only does it take a pot-shot at the homogenisation of the rest of the industry, but it also manages to squeeze in references to two things that Americans love: Game of Thrones and guns.

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jjonez181414d ago

Cute commercial.
LBP truly is different, in all the right ways.

bouzebbal1414d ago

This is the game i want for my PS4.
PES2015, LBP3 for PS4 and SSB for Wii U!
Great month for gamers!

dafegamer1414d ago

Yeah same here :-D ssb wiiu and lbp3 are the best games for me this holiday season

guitarded771413d ago

I love LBP, but I'm just hoping they used the beta info to get the game proper. There were some issues with it, which is to be expected with another dev working on the series. I really hope it's great, and hope it sells a lot. It feels like no one is talking about this game in the media. It's all been Destiny, then CoD, now it's all talk about Assassin's Creed, Halo and GTAV. I just don't want to see LBP get buried.

Patrick_pk441413d ago

I hope it sells well. People nowadays like your typical garbage, while unique and good games are put aside. I can't wait to see MM new IP too.

ashen1221414d ago

saw this on comedy central with my lil bro.
awesome commercial

Bennibop1414d ago

Great commercial, really cant wait until LBP3, the original is one of my favourite games ever and my favourite game sound track of all time!

Bennibop1414d ago

People disagree LBP is my favourite game sound track of all time or is one my favourite games?!?

creeping judas1414d ago

You are not allowed to have an opinion! Don't you know where you're posting!

XisThatKid1413d ago

because of this ridiculous upvote downvote system. I'd imagine it's just not their fav soundtrack not that they literally disagree or they just don't like your comment. "disagree" is just another displaced downvote to your comment, unless in direct regard to disagreeing. LBP series has one of my fav OST ever as well.

JMyers1414d ago

I love this franchise!

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The story is too old to be commented.