VGS: Halo The Master Chief Collection Review "Reverence to the Greatest Game Franchise Ever Created"

For the first time 343 industries and Microsoft have put together the full adventure of Spartan 117 onto one disc with a fully remastered Halo 2 just in time for its 10th anniversary and an exhaustive multiplayer suite as well. Battling across Earth and other strange worlds to fight against the fanatical Covenant or the parasitic Flood and it’s Gravemind and more, this is the journey we were all meant to take and enjoy it in one complete place.

Brace yourselfs as we take a look at what we offered from multiplayer to the fabled Halo history and even some fun extras…is the legacy of the next great video game legend or simply another cash in for the Master Chief?

Review starts at 53:28

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4Sh0w1411d ago

Well deserved score for an amazing franchise.

XBLSkull1411d ago

This is the one and only score this game deserves.

FanMan1411d ago

im sorry but "the greatest game franchise ever created" is quite a statement. if they said "one of the greatest" i would agree more. no doubt halo is a great series though

crusf1411d ago

Gotta get people to click somehow I suppose.

modelgod1411d ago

I agree Fanman. I'm xbox to the core but most importantly I'm objective and obviously a Nintendo fan first so I'll say zelda is the best game franchise ever.

remixx1161411d ago

Yeah I was thinkin the same thing, I lean slightly more towards sony than nintendo but zelda is without a doubt the greatest franchise ever.

My opinion of course.

Utalkin2me1411d ago

Obviously when someone calls Halo the greatest franchise ever, they are very young and only have played very few titles. Halo is a great franchise, but to say the greatest is just silly. It's not even in the top 10 of all time.

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Bigpappy1411d ago

I was expecting to see a lot of these base on what has been done in this compilation.

Looks like I wouldn't be disappointed.

NoDucks1411d ago

I'm just waiting for the os4 fanboy hate...

Odoylerules0001411d ago

Yeah those os4 fanboys are THE WORST! I hate the os4!

crusf1411d ago

You let the trolls get to you too much...

its_JEFF1411d ago

@EoRdE6 yup, thanks for starting the fanboy fighting for this thread. Fanboys pretending not to be fanboys, calling out fanboys trying to lure fanboys into a fanboy fight... fanboys.

PureSophistry1411d ago

Seems like everyone here agrees. It's Insanely Amazing

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