Naruto Gets New Video Game Trailer

Bandai Namco Games, CyberConnect2, and Tencent combine their efforts.

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tayz1349d ago

The trailer looks amazing!

gangsta_red1349d ago

Sounds interesting. And cool trailer.

I can really see this working, I mean the factions are already set up from the show perfectly. Not to mention the use of missions from D to A ranked just like the show.

An MMO could not have been made any better for an existing anime show like Naruto.

Now all they need is flashbacks every two minutes to fill up half of the gameplay and you will recreate the Anime perfectly. Just kidding ...

Snookies121349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Hmmm, the graphics aren't going to look like the Naruto Storm games though. So, the trailer is kind of misleading. If there was an actual Naruto MMO that looked like this, I'd be so down for that... Have a reflex based combat system, where you have to input commands for hand signs to do techniques while focusing on dodging and moving. That would be awesome.

animegamingnerd1349d ago

been wanting a Naruto MMO for like 10 years and it only took until the Manga ended to actually get one.

DivineHand1251349d ago

Finally a Naruto MMO that might be worth playing. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

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