Sonic Boom's game-breaking bugs are delightfully anticlimactic

Destructoid: "Ah, Sonic Boom. I'm just in it for the laughs. I checked out after Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Heroes."

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Fullmetalevolust1344d ago

That ship's arrival was a bit anticlimactic but it looks pretty good so far, it is a little buggy.
Guess I'll have to look at more vids and reviews for a final verdict and a demo would be nice.

eyeofcore1344d ago


Far from "game-breaking"...

user55757081343d ago

it wouldn't be a 3d sonic game if the game didn't glitch at some point

Chrischi19881343d ago

Lately I have seen so many wrong uses of words... I am not even a native english speaking guy, but game-breaking means something totally else. Sometimes I wonder, gamers really must have some kind of ego problems... the tiniest bug is automatically game-breaking... they are always on the offensive, for the smallest shit and exaggerate to a degree... like they are some kind of person in power... this mental illness has to stop...

Shnazzyone1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

The quietest space ship ever. That thing could be following you and you would never even know. Then if you turn around it can pop out of existence by turning a corner.

Did they kill the foley artist or something?

Fullmetalevolust1344d ago

It's the Toyota Prius of space ships.

arbitor3651344d ago

i love how the ship shows up and then just is like

"you know what?..... nevermind"

and then he just leaves. without dropping off any enemies or anything.

if it were intentional and they actually made it into a joke, it might have been legitimately funny.

Concertoine1344d ago

Knuckle's idle animation at the end seals the deal, truly.

Metallox1344d ago

I don't know if you can actually do this in the game, but the ending with Knuckles crushing the fly was perfect xD

thezeldadoth1344d ago

So he went into this game knowing he didn't like the series. If he reviews the game I wouldn't expect it to be objective at this point.

DrRobotnik1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Nobody cares anymore. We all cashed out back in 1999. Had the Death Egg on auto pilot for almost 15 years now. Put a brick on the gas pedal to make it look like I was still orbiting mobius. Probably flew into the sun by now...did I have insurance on that thing?

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