A New Era of Video Games Has Arrived

Gamers wonder why video games are on the back end of the spectrum when talking about classic entertainment that will be memorable for ages. There is a simple answer, actually. Video games are an incredibly young medium – a medium that is currently experimenting with different styles of story telling and visuals and is not getting much love for it.

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lameguy1408d ago

Considering 'proper' games have existed since the 80's (dragon quest, final fantasy, metal gear), they've touched at least 4 decades now. At some point we can't keep using "incredibly young" as an excuse.

Perhaps this is a moot point anyhow. A lot of folks say they play solely for the gameplay (and you get Destiny) while others get their entertainment fun from a more refined mix between story an gameplay (and you get TLoU and Mass Effect). Part of the allure is that this spectrum exists.