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Jordan Lemos, GIZORAMA - "Everyone has a wish in life. Normally, we have more than one and that made it extremely difficult to pick what my true desire in life was when Fantasy Life asked me at the beginning of the game. They didn’t just give five options to pick from either. No, they gave a massive list that ranged from small to large wishes that took me five minutes to decide on it. This was partially due to the long and very welcome list, but also because it was making me think about what I really did want out of life. Already, this cute game had me thinking about very serious things, but as I played the game, it felt very right to have such a question at the beginning of the experience."

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Fullmetalevolust1345d ago

What's my wish? to either win or receive a free copy of the game, although buying it would be worth it. Aye senor Wallet, donde estas?