Tales of Hearts R Review: Blessed Be the Winged Whale | GIZORAMA

Jordan Lemos, GIZORAMA - "There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Tales of Hearts before. If not, you’ve likely at least heard of the Tales series in some way since 1995. From the Super Famicom to the Game Boy Advance to iOS, there are few gaming devices that haven’t been hit by this series. Add onto that the manga and anime as well and you have an amazing collection that is clearly doing very well for itself and is showing no signs of slowing down. Tales of Hearts R is a remake of the DS version that came out in 2008 and it shows you how much can change in the industry and technology in just six years. Tales of Hearts R came out March of 2013 in Japan, and I’m sure it has been a long wait for fans of this game to have a localized version."

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Rawrwrwr1415d ago

"Whether this is your first time with Tales ,or Tales of Hearts specifically, or you’re coming back happy to see some of your favorite characters once again, Tales of Hearts R has a whole lot to offer"

Paul851415d ago

Looking forward to picking this up after work!