Competition - Xbox NZ unveils epic High Flyer adventure

Thanks to Xbox New Zealand, 2 lucky Kiwi’s will have the chance to ride shotgun with the Master Chief in a Warthog, experience zero gravity, visit some the biggest Gaming Studios and attend Super Bowl XLIX as part of the Xbox One High Flyers Tour.

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KiwiViper851222d ago

In NZ, FTW means "F*** The World".

Only recently have I heard of "For The Win".

Off Topic but I just thought it was interesting.

purebennyc1222d ago

Really?! I live in NZ and I've never heard anyone use FTW in that way before. I must roll in the wrong circles.

KiwiViper851222d ago

Maybe its my area, but it definitely does mean that.

Mongrel Mob members tattoo FTW on their face.

They're not winning.