OWC Anounces 2 TB Upgrade For The Playstation 4

OWC has announced a 2 TB upgrade for the Playstation 4 that will allow gamers to take their system to the next level at an affordable price.

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ZombieKiller1347d ago


1. Go to

2. Get a hybrid drive for about $30 cheaper AND an enclosure for your old drive.
3. Get a screwdriver.
4. Swap it yourself without a kit since Sony made it easy.
5. Take the old HDD out and put it in the enclosure.
6. Plug it into your PC.
7. Create a folder called MUSIC
8. Put your music in there

9. Plug it in to your PS4 and enjoy your custom soundtracks

Smile because you just saved some money by doing it yourself without a kit. Not to mention the 2TB internal and 500gb external.

Here's another tip: Do it now while it's easier to transfer the data since the longer we have them, the more they acquire!

MephiSkA1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Exactly what I did. I swapped my hdd for a 1TB SSHD the day I got my PS4. These hybrid drives are very cheap (it cost me Under 100$). I really don't understand this website trying to sell install kits. It's probably for the people moving from Xbox to Playstation who are used to proprietary hard drive kits from Microsoft and are not aware that Sony lets its users chose the hard drive they want :)

There is one screw to remode aside from the ones holding the drive in the tray and I believe the PS4 manual has the instructions on how to change the hard drive (the PS3 manual had the instructions and it's VERY EASY on both consoles). The screws are ordinary screws, any ordinary star screwdriver will do! This OWC kit is a joke : cheap hard drive, standard usb drive, an ordinary drive enclosure and "instructions" (instructions on how to operate a screwdriver :P).

TheGamingArt1347d ago

actually this site is renoundly known for being customer friendly, selling reliable hardware, and having a great warranty that they always honor.

IceKoldKilla1347d ago

Link please? I searched and they only have 3 drives with 2TB. All 3 are 3.5 HDDs. No hybrid and 2.5 2TB drives. I'm interested. That's why I ask. If not I'll keep an eye on Amazon. Oh while I'm here, what's the best brand or even more specifically, best drive I can get? HDD? Hybrid?

MoreRPG1347d ago

Question. Is 1TB enough?

MephiSkA1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

For long term usage, 1TB might be a little tight if you buy most of your AAA titles on the PS Network. For most average users, it should last many years. You can go with 2TB if you want to be 100% certain but I think it should take a while to fill 1TB. Like ZombieKiller said, if you want to change your drive, any laptop (2.5") drive will do.

MoreRPG1347d ago

I plan on getting both x1 and ps4 eventually i just wanna make sure i dont have to worry running out of space.

Bathyj1347d ago

I put a 1TB in the day I got it and I must say Im already worried. I'm only half full (about 400gb left) and its only the first year.

I guess I will have to do a little house keeping soon, but I suggest go large if you have the means.

MoreRPG1347d ago

How many games do you have?

SoapShoes1347d ago

I have a 1.5 GB HDD and only 612gb left... I hope when I run out they have a 3tb that fits!

Dan501347d ago

Just delete installs, they don't take long to get back at all.

Bathyj1347d ago

I dont have oodles and oodles of games but all the demos, games, PSN Games, DLC's and patches add up. Plus there would be a lot of captured video and screens that I've never cleaned up so I might have to dump them one day and go through them.

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DarXyde1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

This is obvious, but it depends on how heavy your use of it is. Let's say you bought all of your games physically (since that uses the least amount of HDD space) since it optimizes your HDD Space and this is the best case scenario. Looking at six (6) popular games...

Killzone Shadow Fall (~40GB), The Last of Us Remastered (50GB) GTA V (50GB), inFamous: Second Son, Destiny (40GB), and Assassin's Creed Unity (~41GB)

Between these 6 games, excluding your online offerings through PlayStation Plus, demos, apps, screenshots, videos, game saves, and DLC you're already out 221GB.

That said, would I say 1TB is enough? Not really. I'm partly worried my 2TB HDD will need to be upgraded in about 2 years' time. Consider that Sony's more massive games aren't out yet. I can't imagine what kind of damage Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would do. I suspect 60-80GB.

Anyway, hope this helped.

MoreRPG1347d ago

Thanks for the reply i think ill go with 2tb (seems more future proof).

DualWielding1347d ago

probably not now that all disc based games require mandatory installations

ZombieKiller1347d ago

Choose your battles wisely on 1TB. I'm worried about my 1tb already lol.

What I am doing is the games I KNOW I wont trade in (GTA V, Arkham, Metal Gear) are getting the digital treatment this time.
1) So I don't have to get up to change the damn disc
2) So after a few years my PS4 will be the ULTIMATE PS4....for me.
3) So the main games I play all the time, won't wear down my disc drive.

#3 isn't AS important as the others lol but regardless, I still need to pick my battles.

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DarXyde1347d ago

Already have 2TB for about $40 cheaper than this.

Thanks for the offer, though!

And in case anyone wants to know where,

Battlefieldlover1347d ago

I went this route cause i wanted to use the Stock HDD, but exact same HDD.

DarXyde1347d ago

How does that work though? It's external.

Battlefieldlover1347d ago

The HDD inside the enclosure is the same as the one you bought. So you do what the OP said and carefully remove it, swap it in the ps4, then put your 500 back in the enclosure and use it on the PC as an external. Crazy thing is it's about 10 dollars cheaper with the enclosure. Good deal for those who haven't upgraded like us yet :)

OmegaShen1347d ago

10tb sitting outside the PS4, that is all.

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