Meristation Review Metal Gear Online

This is the Review of Metal Gear Online from Meristation a Spanish video game site.

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WildArmed3557d ago

it shouldnt be put as an MGS4 review. It is SOLELY a MGO review, hence it is not reviewing the campaign mode.

crimsonfox3557d ago

it is apart of the package so...

butterfinger3557d ago

this score seems about right. I was thinking about an 8 for the mp, but it's still definitely a 10 for the single player:)

clintos593557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

U review the game by its campaighn and what that has to offer as a whole. And the multiplayer is just a bonus for those who want to have replay value for the game.

Edit: If u are going to review MGS4, review it the way IGN, Gamespot, and Gamepro reviewed it. That is how u review the game with online multiplayer as an added plus to the amazing package u get in the campaighn alone.

kazuma3557d ago

meristation? what a name lol