Gears Still On Top!

Proving to not be a one week wonder, Gears of War is still the top dog on the Xbox LIVE activity charts provided by Major Nelson:

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Bhai4400d ago

...that 360 has, hahaha, major nelson is comparing it against what else on 360 ???!!! HeeHeeHee.

Smellslikepie4399d ago

Bhai - You're comments are far too ignorant. I agree that the 360 had a fairly poor launch line up, but so did the PS3 and you can't really deny that. They each had a few games that stand out, for the Xbox 360 I think these were Kameo, Call of Duty 2, and PGR3. For the PS3 you've got Resistance, Call of Duty 3, and Ridge Racer (?).

However, you can't deny that the 360 hasn't got some pretty awesome games at the moment. Sure, Gears of War is the main one you hear about but that's because Microsoft hyped it over and over again.

Gears of War has to compete with a lot of good games. Dead Rising is a notable game that almost everyone loves. There's also Rainbow Six: Vegas, Call of Duty 3, Viva Pinata, Splinter Cell, Oblivion, F.E.A.R, I could go on listing a lot of games but I don't really think that'd be productive. You can't deny that there are good games out for the Xbox 360.

I really can't stand it when people, that includes all fanboys (PS3fan, Bhai, theMART, and others), start screaming that their console is better than the other. They are, to me, exactly the same. You'll only really see differences in first party games, third party multi platform games will be almost identical but will no doubt play better on the console that they were originally developed on. That's why some developers are claiming their games run better on the 360, because they haven't been completely optimized for the PS3. You can argue all you want about that but you've got to face it the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 are incredibly similar. And as DJ has already stated, they both have different business philosophies.

Microsoft is all about giving you a choice, and selling the console at a loss but making the revenue back through peripherals and games. This is because all consoles are loss leaders. Whereas the Sony are offering you a full package with - an unproven, but the same can be said about the HD-DVD addon for the Xbox 360 - BluRay drive, and no real chance of getting one cheap if you're only interested in games.

But back to my main point, both systems WILL have great games. The Xbox 360 has got some already, as does the PS3. Both will be plagued with hardware failures (there has been a lot said about the 360 and stuff about the PS3 is trickling through already, even with the Wii) It's bound to happen.

Hope this makes sense :p

zonetrooper54400d ago

I love playing this game online and its amazing. Just wait until 2007, that is when the really big guns come out. Halo 3, Lost Planet, Forza Motorsports 2 etc etc.

shotty4400d ago

Don't forget, BioShock, Too Human, Shadowrun and CrackDown(Game looks fun, but the comicbook visuals will take some getting use to)

power of Green 4400d ago

#1 when the 360 launched it had better games so the 360 has lots of good games and had better games from the start, you get confused with xbox having mega AAA's and standard AAA's.

PS3 has no games the only reason RFOM got any hype and the score it did; is due to PS3's very lack luster launch.

eques judicii4399d ago

but then started playing viva pinata... god that games addicting

Munky4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

The game is awesome. But as far as GOW goes, I finished the game on all three settings maybe a week and a half after I got it. I didn't bother with online until two nights ago...I have slept 4 hours since then...the game is just fawkin amazing on every level.
P.S. Swanana's are evil

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