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Gamepro's Resistance 2 scans

Shadowblade1 a member of Gametrailers has put up some scans from Gamepro's cover story Resistance 2. (PS3, Resistance 2)
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BilI Gates  +   2627d ago
pharmd  +   2627d ago
nice glare..... n00bs
damrightfresh  +   2627d ago
HOw the hell are u suppose to kill it!! resistance 2 will be awesome
Amanosenpai   2627d ago | Off topic | show
juuken  +   2627d ago
Holy f*ck! Did you actually see that we're talking about Resistance 2 and not Greys of War 1.5?!
zethos56  +   2627d ago
I have the mag and in the same issue they have a preview of Gears 2 and are talk about how amazing it is. Hope I will be able to enjoy both games at Christmas.
Ninja-Sama  +   2627d ago
Greys of War 1.5...thats pretty good man :)
chidj2  +   2627d ago

Play b3yond
Liar  +   2627d ago
I feel sorry for all you PS3 owners. We get Gears of War 2 and all you get is this.

*At this point Liar/Lair (same thing) collapsed laughing*
RINGOFDEATH  +   2627d ago
We get Gears of War 2 LMAO
its going to be ported to the PC after a couple of months as the first Gears of War,Microsoft always says exclusive only on the 360>>>> YEAH RIGHT!!
SmokingMonkey  +   2626d ago
enjoy 5 on 5 well enjoy 30 on 30
TheHater  +   2627d ago
Holy sh!t, that monster is huge. Holy sh!t, how are we suppose to take that guy down?
"Bullets and Rockets are no use against the Leviathan. To beat this giant, you have to trick him into walking near a booby trapped bridge. Unfortunately, it's not a foolproof plan"

Well there we go. :)
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Chuck Norris  +   2627d ago
Call upon the almighty Chuck Norris and sing to the beat of 'Pon Pon Pata Pon'.
juuken  +   2627d ago
Lmao, @ Chuck Norris.
You still rock dude.
Chuck Norris  +   2627d ago
Chuck Norris does not rock. Rock does Chuck Norris.
juuken  +   2627d ago
Figboy  +   2627d ago
you guys crack me up.

on topic, holy crap that thing is HORRIFYING!!
Sevir04  +   2626d ago
now this is how you get a 10 in graphics for having a huge scale of environments and enemies to boot
all streaming perfectly and not looking subpar but keeping amazing detail and texture, at the same time. resistance 2 scale> GT4 anyday. :) this just put a huge smile on my face. and at e3 we'll see the updated version of all of what they showed for a few days ago. on GT.com
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BlackIceJoe  +   2627d ago
The Leviathan looks awesome. I can't wait to play Resistance 2. Insomniac makes sweet games and R2 should be as great as there other games if not better.
pwnmaster3000  +   2627d ago
u see that big @ss monster shiit that how the fuk do u kill that.

this is like the first time i saw a big ass boss in any fps in along time

no tell me how will gears 2 beat this

i kno how hype.
DarkBlade  +   2627d ago
Sorry guys
I'm shadowblade1. I sorry, because the picture didn't come out well. It my fault.I'll try to update them so it easier to read.
BlackIceJoe  +   2627d ago
Not a problem at all. From what I can see you did a good job. Also thanks for the scans.
TheHater  +   2627d ago
it doesn't matter dude. bubble for you.
At least you were able to get us the scans.
steck67  +   2627d ago
No worries, those scans are unbeliveable.
DarthTigra  +   2627d ago
what was the secret that they were talking about on the cover
PoSTedUP  +   2627d ago
@ 6- its ok.
@ pwnmaster- i think turok 64 was the last biggest boss i seen in a fps. them bosses were huge!

@ article- now thats what i call an invasion! F*** YEAH!

@ below- i like the new turok though. hes like the 'Rambo' of Jurassic Park! but a 400ft monster.....WOW that would kill it. i would love to see that sh*t tearing through buildings right above me: D.....R2 BABY!!! YEAH!!!!
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pwnmaster3000  +   2627d ago
is a shame the nxt gen one did so bad

its been so long i forgot the last time ive seen a big boss in fps

but looks like resistance is doing a good job with bring it back

yeah i kno
i ve neva seen anythinh like that in any game

cant wait to get my hands on it
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Nitrowolf2  +   2627d ago
that monster huge

prairie dog^^^^
PoSTedUP  +   2627d ago
hahahahhaha........funny sh*t dude.
SlyGuy  +   2627d ago
I look forward to kicking
that monsters azz in the 8-man online coop with u guys!
-Maverick-  +   2627d ago

Look at that MONSTER!

Resistance 2 is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaka2K6  +   2627d ago
R2 = the GOTY shooter of 2008.
Nothing can touch this, NOTHING!

epecially no Unreal Engine garbage.
juuken  +   2627d ago
I know! That thing is gigantic! O_O
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2626d ago
Yeah the 'Unreal Engine' looks dated(N64'ish)!!! ;-D
user858621  +   2627d ago
30ft TALL!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Edit; OMG 300ft TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Thanx Bill ;)
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BilI Gates  +   2627d ago
300, not 30 lol.
Chuck Norris  +   2627d ago
It's a shame that the monsters aren't 360 feet tall. I would love to shoot down those red-eyed noise makers.
Nitrowolf2  +   2627d ago
i just hope that monster isnt easy to kill you know like in aome games where you see some big @ss creature and you kill it in like one shot i hate those moments but knowing isomiac they wouldnt make it that easy
steck67  +   2627d ago
DAMN! That things HUGE!
CViper  +   2627d ago
I like where this is going.
Good job getting the scans, next time.. no flash in a well lit area, like your bathroom.
damrightfresh  +   2627d ago
im just to excited for e3 now
ER1X  +   2627d ago
woOt! Thanks dude.
Premonition  +   2627d ago
hopefully they release a mini demo before the game comes out, probably a demo around E3 or near august would be good.
steck67  +   2627d ago
That would be awesome.
r2kcipher  +   2627d ago
there was one for RFOM so hopefully we get one for R2
scoobs  +   2627d ago
sweet mother of god.
Blademask  +   2627d ago
I totally didn't see this coming. Someone mentioned turok 64...
The scale of R2 is going to be crazy. I love it.

Hopefully the 8 player co-op will run into this beastie :)

Notice how they dont cheat detail with just normal maps. Good job Insomniac.
-Maverick-  +   2627d ago
They loved it. R2 is gonna own sooo hard.
alster23  +   2627d ago
the brumak is the leviathan's b*tch
BOSSMK XXIII  +   2627d ago
OMG this couldn't go on without that remark. So true lol
Blademask  +   2627d ago
Looks like R2 is going to be "bigger better and badass"
While Gears 2 will be.. well...

more badass I guess?

Because bigger multiplayer = 60.
Bigger = Playing in cities, not just blocked off streets with low polygon cars.
Bigger bosses = 300ft tall

Wait Gears 2 increased the multiplayer to 2 more players right? lol.. Cant even offer 16-18 player modes like most multiplayer games. I dont understand why considering UT3 on the PS3 has 16. I get that people want to pretend that 5vs5 is perfect for online, but you better bet if they were going for "bigger better and more badass" they would have done more if the 360 had the juice left in it. In true microsoft fashion they would do 61 players online if they could lol.
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Shaka2K6  +   2627d ago
' ' While Gears 2 will be.. well... ' '
A 1.5 update of a mediocre game.
Whoooop  +   2627d ago
Insomniac is not f*cking around... They know what they need to do to achieve a great game by today's standards.

They have learned the PS3 architecture and now they can project their vision completely.

I'm pretty sure this game will be great in all aspects.
cmrbe  +   2627d ago
and why its going to rule.
juuken  +   2627d ago
I can't wait for this game.
It's shaping up to be one of the best shooter son the PS3 already.
Silogon  +   2627d ago
Resistance 2 needs more graphical effects to be a serious contender for GOTY. The graphics are lacking at this stage, I feel. Real time lighting doesn't seem to be present here and neither does normal or bump mapping and if anyone disagrees you prove to me otherwise.
Blademask  +   2627d ago
R2 Has a HDRI lighting setup, much like MGS4, and Uncharted. You can tell -- Well you clearly cant. But others can see that its "real time", because when you watch footage... you see lighting interacting with the environment in "real time" perhaps you mean baked lighting? Non interactive lighting, like in we have in COD4. Shadows are cast onto the floor permanently, you cant interact with them, because the shadows were saved with the rest of the detail for the texture. Only the characters and hero object shadows are actually cast.

Lack Of Normal Map or bump mapping...

Well.. Seeing as how you clearly don't know the difference between either of these.. and that you have no clue what to look for when you do see them.. I'll go ahead and point them out for you since you are a total moron:


You can see bump/normal maps in the form of divits(bumps) and other holes in the model. The PS3 doesn't rely heavily on normal maps to fake detail because you can use the actual polygons with a slight influence of normal maps to complete the object. Which is here:


The wrinkles around the eyelids, the veins around the nose area, the skull detail is all normal mapped. The teeth/Armor divisions are all polygons. You can trace the outline of the object to see the actual geometry. Usually has rough edges because its still optimized to run as a game asset.
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Silogon  +   2627d ago
You're trying to prove a point off of magazine scans? Is that what you're trying to do? hahahahahahahahahahhaah, please. We know you're a Sony nipple bender but c'mon. This is just silly, even for you.

Resistance has none of the above and you're not even sure, as I am not either, if those are real time or cutscenes. Truths for the house, rack daddy.
Says you  +   2627d ago
Resistance 2> Lames of war 2
Epic is just going to milk the Series like they did with Unreal Tournament III and get boring but damn that thing is so F'ing huge and humongous this game kills Epics game!

this monster even kills the monster in Epics game that has that weapon attache to its back!

Am I the only one that feels like this game is like a Clover Field movie only in the 50's??.
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Silogon  +   2627d ago
Like a cloverfield movie, huh? Man it amazes me how people forget so easily. Movie monsters made it big in the 30's, 40's and 50's man. Cloverfield was lame as hell and didn't do the genre any favors.
cmrbe  +   2627d ago
its has
that colverfeild feel to it because of this monster. I am Legend with the gouls and War of the worlds with the Chimerian tech used. Overall it really feels like a very,very bleak situation and atmosphere for the human race.
Silogon  +   2627d ago
Funny how none of those movies are original ideas or even movies. They're all remakes and clover field could even be considered one as well. Pretty sad state Hollywood is in right now, really. Maybe they need to credit the real work force a bit more than their golden boys and girls.

Though I might be a bit bitter.
Chuck Norris  +   2627d ago
I agree. You're just bitter. You could try bathing in sugar and top it off by rinsing in salt.
r2kcipher  +   2627d ago
the more enemies on screen at once the better imo. I'm looking forward to the part were all the acrobatic chimera are coming at you. gameplay looks intense so far.
supergamer  +   2627d ago
hell freaking yeah!
whateva  +   2627d ago
Holy Freaking CloverField!
this game is going to be like "Cloverfield" meets "I am Legend" I can't wait to play this game!
r2kcipher  +   2627d ago
I was thinking the same thing
environment "I am Legend" that thing "Cloverfield"
cmrbe  +   2627d ago
From what i was able to read
- there are alot more bosses like this in R2.

- each sentinal have their own personalities and back stories that will factor in prominently into the games story.

Its obvious that insomniac are going for the full house with R2. Scale,Story,Physics,graphics,M P,Co-op,community etc. I am exceptionally pleased that they are focusing alot on the story. I am 100% sure this game will rock this year and will be remebered as truly one of the great FPS of our time. Mark my words. R2 is taking everything that made R1 great and take it to the next level. Insomniac FTW
Sevir04  +   2626d ago
this is why above all else This is sony's best second/first party dev
and not a damn other dev can touch them for shear reputation and technical know how. KZ2 maybe awesome and will probably deliver with how they are out sourcing this game to achieve that fabled look. but it's INsomniac who's running the show and they're reputation speaks it. gears of war simply cant touch this. neither can Gears 2. 100 rail shooter fodder enimies on screen is about as interactive as NPCs in Assassins creed. i'll take those resistance grims over the stagnant Gears 2 guys.

This is why they will always be Sony's best.
ER1X  +   2627d ago
Can anyone make out the website for beta details on one of the scans...? I can get part of it but it's partial.
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crazyclown  +   2627d ago
thats what ive been trying to figure out
StrboyM  +   2627d ago
sad year for the xbox360
ninja garbage II flopped
hyplo3 didnt fade the psp much less the ps3
best game is still gears of war
they got yoda on ScIv
now 3rd place in Europe

wowsers i cant believe you guys still play it
cmrbe  +   2627d ago
You should add
Bioshock going multi.
Mass Effect exclusivity in doubt.
Halo wars and SC delayed.
Too Human getting really bad previews.
getting outsold in its last remaining stronghold sofar this year.

The only light i see for the x360 is Gears 2 but then again it dosen't look that much better than gears 1 and i know R2 will be the better game overall because R2 will be leaps and bounds better than its predecessor unlike Gears.
Ninja-Sama  +   2627d ago
wow dudes..
you guys r pretty cold...give them some air man...they're still reeling from the juggernaut that is MGS4.
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