Amazon Fire TV Now On Sale Perfect For Gamers Before Black Friday

Techtorial: The Amazon Fire TV is now discounted perfect for users looking for a television that can be used for gaming related activities as well.

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CerealKiller1349d ago

The Fire TV is not useful to gamers, we can already stream video on consoles and have a huge selection of games unlike the Fire TV with its limited mobile games.

PeaSFor1348d ago

"Perfect For Gamers"

thats a funny joke.

slate911348d ago

IMO, Amazon needs to tread carefully. They keep trying to get into markets that they aren't meant to be in. The phone and fire tv are disasters.

Masterchief_thegoat1348d ago

Moblie phone games are not my type

Eidolon1348d ago

It's marketed as a console with that controller. And I've seen that "sale" price many times..

Rick_Ross_Boss1348d ago

Amazon fire tv is an amazing piece of kit, just not as a gaming device. Stick XBMC on it and you have the perfect all in one media streaming device.