Killzone Celebrates 10 Years With New Content, Streams, Sales

By Jeroen Roding: "When the original Killzone came out for PS2 on November 2nd, 2004, we had no way of knowing its red-goggled antagonists would go on to invade four additional console platforms, five more Killzone games, nine other PlayStation titles, a toy line, a novelization and a manga. But here we are, ten years later, and the world of Killzone is bigger than ever"

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Spikeantestor1292d ago

10 years of mediocrity. Seriously, I don't know why Killzone has survived where Resistance hasnt. I suppose kill zone is more like the rest of what sells and Resistance is more like Half Life. That could be the issue.

NegativeCreep4271292d ago

I bet you're a blast at parties.

SolidGear31292d ago

Yeah, check out Buzz Killington over there :3

Spikeantestor1292d ago

Wait, wait wait. I get a bunch of dissagrees so I suppose you people out there are telling me you think that Killzone a a quality FPS? Or that Resistance, as a whole, isn't very good?

Someone explain.

ForgottenProphecy1292d ago

Killzone is a quality FPS IMO, and Resistance is mediocre.

SoapShoes1292d ago

Killzone is quality but I disagree about Resistance. R3 was a fantastic game! R2 had great co-op but was just OK. R1 was a fantastic launch title and probably better than any launch title on new systems.

Spotie1290d ago

Never cared about Resistance. Not saying it's crap though.

Fell in love wit Killzone 2, as my favorite fps of all time.

PaleMoonDeath1292d ago

Someone has to be "THAT" guy I suppose.

CorndogBurglar1292d ago

Dont get me wrong, i liked the Resistance games too, but ever since Killzone 2 the series has been great.

Also, people are disagreeing with your comments about the Killzone franchise being mediocre. You are clearly in the minority.

Spikeantestor1292d ago

I believe CorndogBurglar is right about my minority opinion.

But why is that? I mean, if we compare, let's say Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 (the two most positively received entries in their respective series) what we find are big differences. Differences I would argue make Resistance 2 the better game.

Better weapons and more varied gameplay make Resistance interesting to me.

Killzone seems like every other dark palate shooter. It was legitimately boring to me.

So if you are a in disagreement, what do you think of the two games?

Joey_Leone1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

LOL resistance was okay but the story lines IN MY OPINION were mediocre and cheesy but the gameplay and story on resistance retribution on PSP was really good, but the rest sucked ESPECIALLY resisistance burning skies. BTW KILLZONE is an amazing franchise, the only one i didn't like was the last one for PS4, but Killzone Mercenary for the Vita was incredible.

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KillerResistance1292d ago

A Killzon Mercenary Tournament? looks like I have to start practicing again.

mayberry1292d ago

Killzone is BOSS! MP is very superior to most shooters imho.

DefenderOfDoom21292d ago

Resistance series was great . RESISTANCE 3 campaign brought heath packs back in the campaign .

KILLZONE series was great too . KILLZONE 3 Multiplayer was awesome !

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