The Best Star Wars Video Game Ever: Nostalgia Time

Lisa writes: "Now here is a topic we’ve talked about here before. What are the best Star Wars video games of all time? This is a question that always brings back strong feelings of nostalgia as we think on some of the games that have come and gone."

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byronimus1350d ago

Battlefront 2 is my favourite Star Wars game of all time. The old republic was just the worst IMO. Still play battlefield to this day though and hopefully 3 lives up to the hype

DarthZoolu1350d ago

Rogue Squadron 1 N64 for me.

pkb791350d ago

My top 5 for what it's worth : Tie Fighter, X-wing, Knights of the Old Republic, Super Empire Strikes Back, and the attack on the death star arcade game with the sit in cabinet.

SSmoke1350d ago

When Galaxies first came out is my favorite, none of that NGE stuff, lol... Followed by republic commando's, KOTOR 1 and I actually like the force unleashed series, they were fun.. But there are sooooo many to choose from, I say keep em coming..

Farsendor11350d ago

tie between Knights of the old republic and Battlefront 2

Evil-Gouki1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Rogue Squadron series for me, reason I brought a cube day one, and still the prettiest SW game imo. Shame we never got to the the 60fps Wii version

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