Why is an Xbox Live outage causing the offline portion of 'Advanced Warfare' to not work?

An outage hit Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming service today, rendering online multiplayer unplayable for some users, but another notable problem occurred: In some cases, it appears offline gaming is impossible in certain situations as well. In "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," some users with the digital copy of the game complained they were unable to play its campaign.

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Robochobo1354d ago

You're unable to play digital games offline if you gameshare with someone else and set your home console to theirs.

jrshankill1354d ago

^ This.

I was able to play my friend's games earlier, but unable to play the games I purchased. His xbox is my home xbox, and vice versa.

So, pointless article.

tlougotg1354d ago Show
UnHoly_One1354d ago

Maybe just buy your own games and you wouldn't have any problems like this.

the_dark_one1354d ago

its not pointless article at all. besides in the article its not stated that they are doing the same as you guys. it says that he cant play the game that he download to his console, he bought it, not some other dude or dudette as he is not try to play from his console a game that belongs to some one else. and if he bought it and does not have online connection it shouldnt happen that he couldnt play offline mode even if it was a digital game.

enfestid1354d ago

That's not what is happening, so it's not a pointless article.

Whitey2k1354d ago

n i fought ps4 had problems i guess x1 has its fair shares of talent

Moe-Gunz1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

No company is safe from issues like this.

CorndogBurglar1354d ago

You were able to make sense of that comment? lol

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1354d ago

Anyone who expects any online service to be 100% flawless is living in a dream world.

the_dark_one1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

dont you mean "in a cloud world"? ;D

brace yourselfs disagrees and rage comments incoming :)

Neixus1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

PSN outages:
"LOL psn sucks!!"

XBL outages:
"It's okay, everybode makes mistakes"

While i do know XBL is usually the most stable one, this is what we call double standard

HeWhoWalks1354d ago

Exactly. Like many of us, though - we don't pay those hypocritical comments much mind. Both have their fair share of issues. I don't have them often, on either service, but people really shouldn't make a big deal out of it until necessary.

Pogmathoin1354d ago

Double standards on N4G? Really?

turdburgler10801354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Sony spends $380 million on the whole giakai service. MS drops $700 million on one data center in Iowa. One out of 25 around the world and growing! The infrastructure is vastly superior to anything sony has. It rarely has a serious issue unlike PSN which shuts down often.

BitbyDeath1354d ago


Those servers are used for a lot more than just Xbox.
Office365 for example is huge.

dirkdady1354d ago


That's price Sony paid for gaikai acquisition alone. They also spent bank on building supporting data centers and server farms across the globe.

It's a stupid comparison as there is no acquisition cost to compare with Microsoft

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cellfluid1354d ago

What happened to the 300,000 dedicated blah blah blah

hello121354d ago

If we had servers that be something wouldn't it! Call of Duty is using players to host matches, its obvious when everyone is running around with red and yellow pings every match

HmongAmerican1354d ago

Probably due to traffic since the launched of Advanced Warfare both online service taking a hit.

Neo_Zeed1353d ago

Shouldn't matter at all for OFFLINE play.

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