Will The Next Call of Duty Have Exo-Skeletons?

A personal opinion on the future of Call of Duty, based on the success of Advanced Warfare.

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desertpunk861205d ago

no the next call of duty will have androids as slave owners and human as slaves,one human heavily modified by cybernetics will be the protagonist and he will save humanity.

it has been confirmed by Bobby Kotick.

it has been announced by treyarch that not all androids are mean slave owners.

guitarded771205d ago

But the next Advanced Warfare will. They pretty much ended by saying they'll be back with the series.

3-4-51205d ago

I'd like to see it be Sledgehammers thing.

That way, we only see them every 3 years and they will always then feel fresh.

* Treyarch, hopefully is doing something 1870-1960

* IW....Probably getting MW4...

venom061205d ago

NOONE IN HELL wants to play ANOTHER WWII CoD game.. been there done that, and is kinda played out..

venom061205d ago

and no matter if they do a WWII game (which i pray to GoD they don't), it won't be any different from any other CoD.. tiny little maps, guns with no recoil, endless number of campers, constantly getting shot in the back, weird netcode from NO dedicated servers... been there done that..

joab7771205d ago

It will have to be b/c they can't then release their next game without it.

I can't wait to see Treyarch next game b/c they were originally headed towards advanced warfare.

I guess it's gonna be Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare and Zombies lol!

SpinalRemains1381205d ago

Lol the games been out less than a week.

lipton1011205d ago

I've actually heard grumblings of the next in a ww2 setting

joab7771205d ago

Me too.

It's a tough spot they r in actually.

WeAreLegion1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Guessing WWII, like lipton101. You can bet Advanced Warfare 2 will release in a couple of years though.

TheWackyMan1205d ago

3 years isn't a couple ;)

princejb1341205d ago

I feel like sledgehammer replaced infinity ward. So I expect another advance warfare in 2 years. Right after trey arch release their game next year

Brock_Samson1205d ago

I personally wouldn't mind either A.WW2 B.Korean war C.Gulf war or D. Call of duty from the perspective of a terrorist group.

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The story is too old to be commented.