5 reasons the Dualshock 4′s Square Button is Better than the Triangle

Technology Tell writes, "Seriously, every other button has a purpose, why can’t triangle figure out what it wants to be? It is the context button? The menu button? The switching button? The combo-ender? Triangle obviously doesn’t have confidence in its policies and would rather flip-flop to appease whoever happens to be pressing it during any given moment than actually doing what’s right for America."

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GarrusVakarian1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Triangle will always be associated with entering/exiting vehicles in GTA for me.

Too much San Andreas as a teen I reckon.

Snookies121380d ago

For me, it's always the menu button. Played a LOT of Final Fantasy back on PS1, hah.

MRMagoo1231380d ago

Its both for me lol I played too much ff games and gta san andreas.

ziratul1380d ago

As a teen? Good God am I THAT OLD!?!? I've never Played San Andreas but I have played GTA London :P

GarrusVakarian1380d ago

Haha, yeah, I was 14 years old when San Andreas released.

Man, time flies.

Volkama1380d ago

I just kinda wish they'd change the X button. Hardest thing about swapping between consoles is when that button prompt appears on screen :(

vanity291380d ago

X is iconic! X is the beginning of all other buttons!

Volkama1380d ago

Then Microsoft should change theirs! I don't care which, I just fail the occasional QTE lol

Volkama1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Urch grow up. Circle fanboys are the worst. This is about buttons with more angular shapes and you know it.

WeAreLegion1380d ago

I don't think they liked the joke. :/ What a bunch of weirdos.

MasterCornholio1380d ago

I like the options button alot.


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