There Is No Trademark Filing For Fallout: Shadow of Boston

There’s a posting for a German trademark that indicates that a new Fallout title is going to be announced: Fallout: Shadow of Boston. Too bad it’s fake.

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-Foxtrot1348d ago

Good because that subtitle sucked

Main Fallout games don't have subtitles.

Sounds like DLC

Robochobo1348d ago

At least this means there's still a chance for the next installment to be set in the Deep South

psman0121348d ago

I loved the FO3 DLC that was set in the south (Point Lookout I think it was?). It was a really cool feeling, definitely wouldn't mind another game there.

gangsta_red1348d ago

Pretty much why I don't comment on any Fallout related stories. All rumors meant to get your hopes up, I can say though when a Fallout eventually comes...the video game world will explode.

Aleithian1348d ago

What about the Ultimate Collection?

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The story is too old to be commented.