GTA V in First Person – Now I Care

A little over a month ago Justin Scerbo wrote a piece announcing the release date for the Next-Gen(…current gen? whatever) version of Grand Theft Auto V. In that op-ed he expressed a direct lack of interest in the re-release and received some…colorful responses. However with the release of one trailer my entire opinion has shifted.

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Massacred1382d ago

Looks interesting, as ever. Just have little interest in it becoming Grand Theft Payday.

ABeastNamedTariq1382d ago

Then.... Don't... Play it like that...

LackTrue4K1382d ago

last time i hurd the game "payday" was a free to play game!!!!!!!

tylercolp1382d ago

I'm excited for this mode!

Edvin19841382d ago

I am just worried that the gameplay feels lose and sluggish...I just have a feeling from the trailer that aiming is not as sharp as a FPS, and has a delay to input. I hope I am wrong as this is looking great.

spence524901382d ago

I get what your saying I saw it too. The aiming looks like how the old operation flashpoint and arma games were were there was to much smoothing with aim and a strange dead zone. Hopefully it's as smooth as a normal FPS. I believe that Rockstar will come through.

Aleithian1382d ago

I have the same concern, but I'm hoping careful tweaking of the aim sensitivity can mitigate that to a degree.

manaxknight11382d ago

makes me want to go out and the the ps4 bundle

TardcoreGamer1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

First person mode is making the PC version even more enticing as it will pair up wonderfully with mouse and keyboard control and the high frame rates the platform has to offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.