Xbox Live Sign Ins on Xbox One Back Up After Partial Outage

Today Xbox Live was affected by a partial outage that caused many users to be unable to sign into the service on Xbox One.

Luckily the company was rather swift in dealing with it, and currently sign-ins are active again.

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IVanSpinal1383d ago

November Update is coming :)

TheRedButterfly1383d ago

- w - Just in time for TMCC.

S2Killinit1383d ago

when was this? interesting. I didn't hear about this until it was back up.

Elit3Nick1383d ago

Ya I got hit, but my CoD download didn't get interrupted so I'm not complaining :)

No_Limit1383d ago

Xb live has sign in issue? Didn't notice as I been on all day playing COD AW and Sunset Overdrive.

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The story is too old to be commented.