What awaits Big Boss and Metal Gear fans in The Phantom Pain?

GameCrate has gathered every detail they can find about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and they're ready to speculate wildly.

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MysticStrummer1297d ago

Other bosses with weird code names, most likely.

CorndogBurglar1297d ago

Personally, I've been waiting for Gaseous Snake for quite a long time.

When MG4 came out, and we played as an older Snake, I thought this would be a possibility, as his ability to control his bowels would almost certainly be fading.

It would have given new meaning to the term "Fog of War".

Becuzisaid1297d ago

A nostalgic remake of Metal Gear where we switch roles half way through to Solid Snake in his prime, voiced by David Hayter, where we infiltrate Outer Heaven and confront Big Boss, who we'd built as an antagonist in the first half oof the game.

BiggerBoss1297d ago

I doubt we'll progress that far into the metal gear timelime in this game. At this point solid and liquid are in their tweens.

Id say the outer heaven/zanzibarland scenario will be mgs6 if it ever happens

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