Janina Gavankar talks about her role in Far Cry 4

GameCrate caught up with actress and musician Janina Gavankar to talk about her role in the upcoming Far Cry 4. She shares details about her love of gaming, what she likes best about the character she portrays, and what it's like working with Ubisoft Montreal.

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gangsta_red1354d ago

This woman is incredibly gorgeous.

JMyers1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

She has been in quite a few shows (L Word, The League, True Blood, etc) ... however she is also a very big gamer, certifiably so. She was on epileptic gaming (no longer a show) and loves BioShock, Portal, Half Life etc.

I likwe when people that play games make games, and/or are in games :)

ibrake4naps1354d ago

Saw her boobs on true blood