Assassin's Creed Unity's WWII Level Explained

It's part of a new "Time Anomaly" section of the campaign that will see Arno travel to Nazi-occupied France in 1944.

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Chapter111291d ago

Leave it to Ubisoft to reveal such a huge spoiler in their own game.

Bobby Kotex1291d ago

Too bad I no longer buy Ubisoft games. This almost seems interesting.

FullmetalRoyale1291d ago

I would have preferred they kept this a secret, personally. I like to know as little as I can about a game, once I have decided to get it.

Still excited, just sharing my thoughts.

So many great looking games coming!

Rick_Ross_Boss1291d ago

At the end of the video " we have pushed your hardware to the absolute limit"

Yeah right, lol

starchild1291d ago

Considering that AC Unity is the best looking game so far I'm sure that statement is absolutely true. That doesn't mean that developers won't find better, more efficient graphics techniques in the future to make games look even better.

Rick_Ross_Boss1291d ago

I'm guessing you didn't see the whole thing about quality parity then?. I have no doubt the game looks very good but they admitted themselves they never took advantage of any platform to keep people from arguing (apparently lol). Game looks very good, but not the best it could have been for either platform.

jhoward5851291d ago

Parity or not you can always wait until the review comes out before buying AC unity.
or wait until you watch some game play footage of unity on you tube first before buying it.

This is not the dark ages of gaming you know....