Sleeping Dogs Is Way Ahead of the Pack

GeekParty's Tim Evans: "A ton of open world games have been released since Sleeping Dogs hit the shelves in 2012. Some of them, like Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row IV, were very well received. But I haven’t even touched them. As far as I’m concerned, my sandbox thirst has been eternally quenched by Sleeping Dogs. So, whenever I feel like driving around and getting into street fights without getting arrested, I go back to this."

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Jaqen_Hghar1264d ago

While a man greatly enjoyed Sleeping Dogs and sees how some may prefer it. It's not necessarily objectively better though. The two games offer completely different experiences. Sleeping Dogs has more arcadey driving and a MUCH greater emphasis on hand to hand than gunplay. They both offer plenty to do but a man would say Sleeping Dogs is more focused on story and side missions than GTA which has a nice story but is more about open world mayhem.

To summarize, different strokes for different folks. A man loves both of them and will be getting the next gen versions of both.

DivoJones1264d ago

Agreed, there's definitely some things that each bring to the table in this genre. I found the driving mechanics a lot of fun, but if realism is what you're looking for .. keep looking. But the melee fighting in Sleeping Dogs is the best so far in an open-world game, sans Batman: Arkham City. (but then playing as Batman always adds a few bonus points) I had hoped games like GTA and Watch Dogs would have taken a few pointers, but they seem to prefer the 'haymaker or nothing' approach to fighting.

Solid game though.. definitely worth one's playing time. Map is big but not too big, and the story is pretty good overall.

Mutant-Spud1264d ago

The story in Sleeping Dogs was way better than GTAV, it was more down to earth and kind of fit the image of the Asian gangsters we see in the media.

Jaqen_Hghar1263d ago

A man agrees in story he would have to give it to Sleeping Dogs. GTA seems to have very repetitive cutscenes as characters will have the same arguments with the same people for 5 straight missions. A man really does think GTA improved in this aspect but was still unable to catch Sleeping Dogs in that aspect which told a very intimate and gripping tale. GTA can be entertaining but really isn't as memorable for the story. GTA you make your own story.

1264d ago
tlougotg1264d ago

Idk why but i couldnt get into sleeping dogs, as a matter of fact i cant get into most open world games, they bore the crap out of me unless they are rpgs and have sword and sorcery involved. I hate the shift towards emphasis on open world this generation its annoying. Some of my least memorable games are games like Assn Creed, Far Cry, etc....

jc485731264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

why bother commenting?

Spenok1264d ago

This is a game I have owned for a good while, yet still haven't played it. Though I probably won't make the plunge onto PS4 since as I said, I already own it.

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