Xenoblade Could be the Next Big Nintendo Franchise

Nintendo needs new games and they can’t rely on Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon forever. While their games may consistently be a cut above, they will struggle if they’re all we see.

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MSBAUSTX1229d ago

I hope it is a big franchise. Xenoblade for the Wii, even though it was incredibly long, was amazing and I think games like this would help keep a somewhat "hardcore gamer" element to the system. Who knows, it may become as big as some other Nintendo franchises are and help propel system sales. I do know that I am watching this game very closely.

DryBoneKoopa851229d ago

Right there with you. This series could be as big as Metroid or The Legend Of Zelda. I'm extremely excited for the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Loadedklip1229d ago

I hope you meant Zelda ... Metroid honestly is only big with the most hardcore fans.

Loadedklip1229d ago

They will need to do something square does for Final Fantasy ... advertisement .... lots of it.

Magicite1228d ago

Im really hyped about this game, but it wont become big on Nintendo platform. Nintendo games are mainly about platforming/adventure.

MSBAUSTX1228d ago

I think that os where the optimism is. Since this isnt the norm for Nintendo it could have this game poised to be their next big one. Splatoon is sitting on the same ledge. They are really trying hard lately to bring us games that arent just platformers.

ashen1221229d ago

you know what... nintendo can live off of mrio zelda and pokemon they've been doing it this long.

ot more Xnoblade would be great

Masterchief_thegoat1229d ago

I cant wait play this for the first time in the new 3ds

raWfodog1229d ago

This will be my first nintendo handheld (3DS LL) and I already have big plans for the tiny system:

Bravely Default
Bravely Second
Monster Hunter 4
Xenoblade Chronicles

juaburg911229d ago

Its my favorite game of the past generation. I especially bought a Wii to play this game and Im going to buy a Wii U to play Xenoblade Chronicle X. Cant freakkkking wait! Hope they have some new X info during todays Nintendo Direct :)

AJBACK2FRAG1229d ago

As long as your Wii U is hooked up to your hd television vid hdmi cables the Wii U automatically presents Wii games in hd!

Errefus1229d ago

As long as they advertise and bring the game worldwide it can become a big franchise for them.

Spenok1229d ago

That's pretty much all that needs to happen. The first was so incredibly good it's ridiculous. The fact that the fans had to beg and plead for it to come was crazy. I'm just glad they listened, even if they only brought them over in very limited quantities. I own all 3 games from Operation Rainfall :D

PlebeGamer1229d ago

That's the challenge. Outside of the Wii, Nintendo has done a terrible job of advertising since the nineties. Metroid Prime should have been advertised as heavily as Halo for example. It was an amazing game on a super cheap system, and they put almost no effort into pushing it.

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