Here’s What PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Frankly Silly Pre-Order Bonus Looks Like

Publishers often stretch their imagination to devise new incentives to push us to pre-order games, and with Bloodborne Sony Computer Entertainer came up with a novel idea. A skin for the ghastly messengers that will carry notes between players.

A picture actually appeared, released by GameStop.

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Kivespussi1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Well, it's sure as hell a better pre-order bonus than a mission or two chopped off from the main game. Actually, in my opinion small pre-order bonuses like this and physical goodies are something I'd like to see more of, not just stuff like extra money/boosts and such that just make the game easier or chunks of content from the main game.

Yokan1175d ago

Exactly, people act as if pre-order bonuses are mandatory, theyre not! So why complain?

cleft51174d ago

The preorder bonus seems cool to me and I would much prefer this to being giving out advanced weapons and armor.

breakpad1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Sony usually doesnt support lame -force buy preorder bonuses like Acti and Ubi , they just add smthing small for the shake of mega gamestores ..i would like to NOT see any preorder bonuses which are not be available to every buyer ...lame practices from Ubisoft , EA ,and Activision should be boycotted

2cents1174d ago

I hate pre-order bonuses completely.

Gone are the days of having cool things to unlock ingame for commitment and tenacity. Now all these things are removed and sold either as DLC or pre-order bonuses.

I remember playing through a game on harder difficulties and unlocking cool new weapons, unlock cheats and costumes. But now we seem to have to pay for these things via DLC, OR buy 6 copies of the game from each retailer specific offer to get all the cool gubbins.

I hope that Sony and MS offer all available pre-order DLC's together if bought digitally from their respective stores, considering the extortionate prices they charge for the digital versions.

Not fair imo.

On Topic: This is a curious pre-order bonus! As mentioned, I'm glad they haven't hacked out content just to carrot dangle us all.
I just cant wait for this game!!!

redwin1174d ago

I like preorder bonuses, specially if it's a specific skin in a game that has unlockable skins. But I don't like early upgrades because it gives early adopters early advantage.

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tanukisuit1175d ago

Well, it's not like Demon's Souls had a preorder bonus... and whatever, I'm more concerned about my Collector's Edition. That's the "REAL DEAL"!

Spenok1175d ago

Can't wait for this title. Seems like it's still so far away lol.

TheFutureIsBlue1175d ago

I want the OST with the collectors dat title theme

GamePeace1175d ago

but I will buy the game nonetheless.

BeefCurtains1175d ago

Pop pop pop...

This looks interesting.

GamePeace1174d ago

Don't ruin such epic game with your poop, please.

tlougotg1175d ago

Not even that rpg games such as the Soul series already offer so much replayablity and tons of playing hours. I easily put in at least 150 hours into each souls game. This pre order deal is fine by me.

Forn1174d ago

I think I passed the 500hr mark recently on Dark Souls haha. Have a feeling Bloodborne will consume me like that as well. Can't f'n wait! It looks incredible.

Goozex1175d ago

Who cares if a day 1 purchase. Also1886 on my backlog.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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