Reddit Is The Lonely Gamer’s Best Friend

GeekParty's Jake Valentine talks about how Reddit is making it easier than ever to find people to play online games with when real life friends are nowhere to be found.

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xHeavYx1353d ago

Bungie's own forums are also a good place to meet people. Yesterday I did Nightfall with a complete stranger and got lucky enough to get the Purifier VII with void damage

JoshEngen1353d ago

Hey. Not a bad idea. Thank you, internet stranger.

Neonridr1352d ago

good stuff. I was able to solo the nightfall mission thanks to a nice little hiding spot in the final boss room.

I got some legendary fusion rifle called Light/Beware (don't really need it since I have Pocket Infinity).

But reddit and the bungie forums are great for finding a party. Especially for finding people to do the raid.

Spore_7771352d ago

But I'm not lonely. :'(