2K talks PS4/Xbox One graphics parity, multiplayer servers and customization

2K comments on the multiplayer server stability, customization and graphics parity of WWE 2K15 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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ThunderPulse1352d ago

What the hell is up these days with devs doing "graphics parity"?

TheXgamerLive1352d ago

Idiots. Do you think if they say the game looks identical that was parity as the cause? Idiots .

Gaming247allday1352d ago

The Consoles are a lot closer in terms of power than people realize, they have the exact same architecture, the most differences your going to see is a slight resolution difference if that at all because it is not in the Developers best interest to spend extra Dev time on maximizing one platforms capabilities

fr0sty1352d ago

They have the same architecture, with one a fair amount more powerful. Anywhere from 50% to 400% more powerful, depending on the spec you choose (50% more compute units, 400% more asynchronous compute elements, double the render output pipelines, etc)

You can downplay that as "a lot closer than you think" all you want, but the numbers (and games) do not lie.

You are correct, however, in saying that the vast majority of developers will not fully utilize PS4's extra power when making a multiplatform game, and will often just give it a little resolution boost here or a framerate boost there.

LoydX-mas1352d ago


So where is the one Sony exclusive that shows this 40% more power?

LoydX-mas1352d ago

People can disagree all they want, just name one Sony exclusive that shows this illusive 50%-400% more power.

XanderZane1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

The XB1 architecture is completely different then the PS4. Even the CPU was customized differently. True the power isn't as far off as fanboys think. It will be even more evident after DX12 gets installed and the cloud tech actually gets used to it fullest. right now the PS4 is probably about 15-20% more powerful, but that won't last. Quantum break alone looks better then many of the PS4's exclusives by itself and that's just scratching the surface of the XB1's power really. 2015 will be an interesting year to say the least.

As for WWE 2K15. It sucks. I can't see the PS4 or XB1 version being much better in gameplay. It'll look better and might have more content, but that's about it. Glad I didn't waste my time or money preordering it.
***************************** *******************
There isn't one game on the PS4 that shows 50%+ power over the XB1. The only game that's even close to that would be CoD: Ghost, but the game actually looked great on the XB1 it just didn't perform very well. Still it doesn't really show 50% more power.

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jrshankill1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Uh, both versions are 1080p - 60fps.

Misleading clickbait works with some folks unfortunately.

It also seems like the community strives on negativity, with their parity conspiracy theories and "underhanded" tactics. smh.

Transporter471352d ago

I will not buy a game if it uses parity. I find that extremely stupid.

gangsta_red1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

WWE 2k15 for PS4 and Xbox One are in 1080p, graphic parity!!

So you're still not going to buy it?

Sounds reasonable... @_o

Spotie1351d ago

There are other features that go into graphics, and they should not be the same.

They weren't last gen, and I bet you wanted it that way. But now parity is a good thing, right?

Kribwalker1352d ago

Well sir, your game library is going to be very small as more and more games go for parity. All the power to you, but it is a pretty dumb way to think

TheJacksonRGN1352d ago

Both games will be at 1080p so what is the problem?

No_Limit1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

That is the problem.. One version must be 1080p and the other has to be 900p; otherwise, the world stops turning for some people here.

They were upset that Destiny is 1080p for both, they were upset that GTA5 is 1080p for both, and they blamed UBIsoft for intentionally made both versions 900p when the developers themselves said both versions were limited by the CPU but they were condemned as liars.

On the other hand, they were ecstatic when COD AW is higher resolution on the PS4 and praised were given to Activision even though MS has a similar marketing deal with UBisoft for AC Unity. So why didn't MS forced parity on COD like AC Unity if the conspiracy is true? Smh

I tell yah, some people just want to believe what is good to them and dismissed the negatives when it is not in their favors.

denawayne1352d ago

It's the only way to justify their purchase

q8kik1352d ago

The problem is that they can improve anything, not just the res. Better shadows, lighting, crowds etc.
so both versions being exactly the same just means that they're not taking advantage of the ps4 hardware.

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MysticStrummer1352d ago

I don't like it either, but many devs will go that route to avoid hurting the feelings of guys like Gangsta and Krib. If you avoid all those games you'll be missing out.

Transporter471352d ago

I will not support the main developers for choosing parity. Why? It is simple really. When I choose a video card for my computer I choose it because its stronger then the competition, so what is the point of me buying something better if I won't be able to take full advantage of it? Same rule applies to consoles. That is my rule. You can disagree with it, but you're not me and you do not get to choose where my money goes. I believe that if they don't get my money maybe they will stop parity. Why do I have to put up with a weaker console when I chose the right one for me?

No_Limit1352d ago

Yup, the xb1 version prevented the PS4 version from displaying 1440p due to forced parity by MS. /S.. Eyes rolls..

q8kik1352d ago

Res isn't the only thing they can improve......

SoapShoes1352d ago

Yeah didn't see them bringing 360 multiplats parity to PS3 levels due to the difficulty of mastering that system. Now that PS4 is easy to develop and clearly more powerful they are keeping it down to make parity.

kenmid1352d ago

I find your comment extremely stupid. It runs in 1080p on both consoles. Whats the problem?

LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Simple. Both consoles GPUs aren't identical. If the game looks identical then it was artificially held back on one (or just a lazy port, make for the lowest common denominator then straight port with no effort to PS4). If it is held back then it doesn't look as good as it could. We want the game to look as good as it can right? So maybe the PS4 version should have run at a smoother framerate or have better shadws etc to take advantage of the GPU.

Muzikguy1352d ago

I agree. This parity stuff needs to stop IMO. MS (maybe, or could be the devs but I still think it's MS) are just being childish. Why wasn't Sony given parity over the last 15 years? Ever since their beginning they've had a weaker console in some area ultimately resulting in inferior ports. PS1 games didn't look as good as N64. PS2 games looked better on Xbox and GameCube. PS3 games were poor ports from 360 and PC. This is why I believe it's on MS. Sony has been getting screwed over for a long time and all of a sudden now "parity" becomes a common theme. It really is stupid

Imalwaysright1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

What are you talking about? PS1 was weaker than the N64 and the PS2 was weaker than the GC and the Xbox. That's why games looked better on Nintendo and MS platform(s) in the 5th and 6th generations.

As for last gen, maybe you should blame the PS3 architecture with the cell and its separate banks of memory. Why do you think that Sony did everyhting to make the PS4 developer friendly, even asking 3rd party devs what they would like have on the PS4?

This gen the PS4 has consistently been outperforming the X1 due to it having the better hardware. AC unity is the only game where devs said that they were going for parity so I don't understand this conspiracy about MS enforcing their parity clause.

As for this game, like others have been pointing out, is 1080p on both platforms so what exactly are you complaining about? Isn't 1080p the holy grail for you guys?

Muzikguy1352d ago

I know they had a weaker console those years. My point is there was no parity talk back then, but there is now. I think that's stupid. Why weren't games back then held back to have parity on Sony platforms? That's what I'm getting at. Also, if we had to deal with it for 15 years, why can't MS "dealwithit" now?!

Imalwaysright1352d ago

Have you been sleeping under a rock for the past year? This gen started a year ago and there is only one game where devs openly said that they were going for parity. Not only that but the PS4 has been outperforming the X1 in pretty much EVERY single game since both consoles launched so I don't understand where this parity clause conspiracy is coming from. Does 1 game out of dozens of games really warrant a conspiracy theory?

Muzikguy1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

They don't have to openly admit to it for it to exist. I'm not that naive! My point is there shouldn't be parity. It's not just one game. Games are getting held back for "parity" too (WD). If there was no reason for this "conspiracy", I don't think these articles would keep popping up. All the years the people that played on Sony platforms suffered. All I'm saying is MS can "dealwithit" this time around. Or, stick with the 360 :3 /s

Happy gaming!!

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k3rn3ll1352d ago

I'm sorry but where did 2k say they were aiming for parity? What they said is the graphics are identical. That's 2 completely different things.
To say a game that is identical on two different consoles shouldn't be bought is ridiculous. So basically every pixel art game isn't worth buying because it looks the same on pc, xbox, and ps4? Other people are right. Your library isn't gonna grow that much. And your gonna miss out on alot of good shit.

I wasn't aware every game made must push it's platform's hardware to the limit in order to be worthy of game sales. Because that's what your saying.

CaptainObvious8781352d ago

It's quite simple.

The PS4 is more powerful, therefore there should be some sort of advantage for that version. That could be in the form of res, draw distance, higher textures, better lighting, etc.

I have to seriously question the intelligence or agenda of anyone that disagrees with this basic concept.

Maybe someone could give me a legitimate reason why parity is acceptable.

Magnes1352d ago

@Transporter47 Just buy them used and then sell them when your done cuts their profits you get to play the game at least.

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LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Microsoft must be throwing some serious clout around, either that or the GPUs in both consoles are identical.

Of course we know they aren't identical so that leaves the first option (or that devs do lazy straight ports).

MysticStrummer1352d ago

The GPUs definitely aren't identical and PS4's CPU performed better in benchmark testing, but devs don't want to hurt their potential sales so MS doesn't necessarily need to throw money around for parity to be the end result.

LamerTamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

So instead it is ok to punish PS4 buyers, many of which bought it over the xbone for the better graphics on multiplats? If we wanted an xbone knowing it's weakness we would have bought one. Wouldn't that hurt potential PS4 sales? Since there are more PS4s around I would think that would be a riskier choice.

Besides xbone buyers know that their console is weaker in the graphics department. They chose it anyways for other reasons but shouldn't be surprised if their version is missing more in the GFX dept. Those who don't know, like the casuals that don't read game news, would be none the wiser anyways.

Oh well it is just a crappy wrestling game, keep it.

k3rn3ll1352d ago

There's a lot more that goes into many people's purchase decisions than which console is more powerful. Doesn't make them casual gamers. All it says is that having better graphics isn't the most important thing to them. Been playing games for 25 years. It's never been the highest priority on my list. I have both ps4 and xbox. Same last gen. And the generation before that. But I bought the xbox first. Why? Because having fun with friends has been a higher priority for 25 years. And I would make the same choice today if I was able to travel back in time to last november, after seeing how the games have performed over the last year. If graphics is your only priority, build a pc. Because the ps4 will never have better graphics on a multiplat than a pc.

Essentially being mad because they are the same, is comparable to saying you won't go see a movie that isn't an Imax 3d film, because your local theater supports it and every film should use the latest cutting end technology or its not worth it.

And even if it is MS paying off all the devs, (which it isn't) maybe you should have factored that into your $400 decision. Or are you just a "casual" that doesn't know any better?

MysticStrummer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

"Essentially being mad because they are the same, is comparable to saying you won't go see a movie that isn't an Imax 3d film"

No. It would be the same if I bought an Imax 3D capable theater and you didn't, but both of us got only the quality of film you could display in your theater.

"even if it is MS paying off all the devs, (which it isn't) maybe you should have factored that into your $400 decision. Or are you just a "casual" that doesn't know any better?"

If MS or Sony was proven to be paying for parity I wouldn't support them no matter what other games they had. Casuals would support that.

mhunterjr1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

It's a freaking wrestling game... it reached 1080p on both consoles. What do you want the developers to do?

Should they Invest more time and resources to create some ps4 exclusive graphical effects, just for the sake of saying the ps4 looks superior? At the end of the day, it's still a wrestling game.

When the multiplat title isn't making either system sweat, it's pretty silly to expect one version to look better than the other...

q8kik1352d ago

"Should they Invest more time and resources to create some ps4 exclusive graphical effects"

Why not?? they did that with the 360 last gen

mhunterjr1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

That never happened.

Last gen, multiplats simply ran better on 360 because it was easier to program for... Rather, the PS3 was more difficult to program for. Developers simply couldn't get their engines to run well given the ps3s architecture. Developers didn't spend extra time an money to make Xbox versions superior, logistics made it happen that way.

Later in the gen, when developers finally came to grips with the PS3, those games started naturally performing better than 360 versions. For example gta4 is better on 360, but gta5 is better on PS3.

In this case, the game isn't at all impressive by next gen standards, the engine is running flawlessly on both systems. The only way to make the ps4 look better would be to create new assets, just for the sake of pleasing console warriors. Not gonna happen.

DougLord1352d ago

Stupid Sony Troll the MSFT parity clause says nothing about graphics or performance - its about RELEASE DATE! IDIOTS!

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