Sony reveals its G-Star 2014 line-up

SegmentNext - "Sony has revealed the list of titles they will be showcasing during the G-Star Gaming Convention in Korea."

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XanderZane1378d ago

Only a few new titles really like Over my Body 2 (PS Vita), Over my Body 2 (PS Vita), FINAL FANTASY Type-0 (PS4), Dead or Alive 5 LAST ROUND (PS4), DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE (PS4), Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris (PS4). Most of these games aren't exclusive however. Some of the game appear to be in Japanese, so don't know what it says. Many of the games on the list are either already out or aren't coming out until 2015. Not sure why they call it their 2014 lineup. A bit strange.

born_naughty1377d ago

It's not the 2014 line-up. It's the line-up of games showcased in "G-Star 2014".