The Best Things to do After Beating Destiny - Loot Cave, Vault of Glass

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Nearly two months after its initial release, it's safe to assume that most people completed the campaign in Destiny. In fact, they've probably done this multiple times over to get their hands on an Exotic Engram, all the while keeping an eye out for Loot Cave 9.0 or whatever crazy version we're up to at this point.

If that scenario sounds familiar, you've probably been stuck in the grind. The good news is, there's a lot more to Destiny than getting ripped off by the Cryptarch on a daily basis. Why not take a break and check out a couple of the ideas we've come up with to help you pass the time until the next Iron Banner event, and the upcoming expansion, The Dark Below?

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CloudRap1383d ago

I never thought I'd be saying this but Advanced Warfare beats this game in pretty much every aspect, It actually had a story, the exo traversal is superior, the maps are better and theres more of them, (surprisingly) theres far more weapon variety, the hit detetection has far less latency, its just a better FPS overall.

ShowGun9011383d ago

i really like AW, and also destiny... however, the exo traversal (in MP at least) is jarring, clicking sprint non-stop is IMO annoying, and the ledge-climbing has gotten me killed a few times, theres like, no animation, my dude's just on top of the roof... weapon variety on both is good, but really, the lag on AW needs to be fixed... its not AW's fault, there is probably LESS lag than on destiny, but the TTK on AW is sooooooo short, a 40ms ping is lethal... heck, ive played BF3 with a 90ms ping and played well, its just CoD's style.

joab7771382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

They are very different and I am an mmo person. My issues with Destiny are not that it isn't enough like CoD, but that it isn't enough like WoW.

lipton1011382d ago

I once hated call of duty, but I'd have to agree. Sledgehammer did a stand up job with this iteration. It's absolutely fantastic. They're both competent on a purely mechanical level, but cod has my attention over drstiny at the present time

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crashtestnl1383d ago

The best thing to do with Destiny is selling it as fast as possible .

Blues Cowboy1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

"The Best Things to do After Beating Destiny"

Play anything else. I'm serious - on the PS4 you've got CoD AW, LBP3 incoming and loads of awesome new PS+ offerings, while every other platform has games to spare.

Or just go down to a casino and play a slot machine. It's the same experience, only you might win real money.

EDIT: Oh, meant this to be a reply/agree to crashtestnl

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JeffGUNZ1382d ago

When will all the Destiny haters stop coming in here and telling us to sell the game or it's crap? It's growing very old and we know you don't like it. Perhaps, others do enjoy this game a lot. I am burnt out on COD and have no interest in this game after watching multiple twitch channels. It looks like the same nonsense and it is still not on dedicated servers. I just don't understand peoples agendas. Do people think if they come in here and comment over and over again, people who like Destiny will all of the sudden dislike it and sell it?