Head to Head Review: NBA 2K15 vs. NBA Live 15

A little unorthodox? Yeah, we like to be different and in this case we are aiming to do something different with this review. Instead of simply reviewing a game and give it a score, now that NBA Live has hit the market and we have had a chance to play both; we are going to pit them head to head in this review. Being that they are sports titles, a battle only seems fitting, and since the both are made after the hardwood classic it is easy to measure which one does it better. For This review we will grade them each on a number of different measurables, including Graphics, Gameplay, Content, Sounds, etc. In the end we will crown a winner and give each a cumulative grade.

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XanderZane1322d ago

Hhmmm. this should be interesting. I don't own either game yet. I have played NBA 2K14 on XB1 and PS3. The PS3 version is more balanced and has a lot more content. The next gen version is a mess. The A.I. is a joke. No one plays defense on your team and you'll sit back and watch the CPU's team score 40-50pts in the paint every game because your bigs will double team and leave the paint wide open. There are no sliders for next gen amd none of the options even work. I have "call plays" at 100% of the time and my team doesn't call any plays. Even when they do, all the tags and arrows don't appear. The game seems unfinished. 2K Sports never patched the rest of the content into the game. I actually picked up a cheap $5 copy of NBA Live 14 just to see how bad it really is. Oh my. What a mess. Your team doesn't even rebound. If you don't switch to a guy under the basket and rebound, your CPU player will stay grounded and let the other team get the OR. Game seems to have a lot of modes though. NBA Live 15 has to be much better. I'll try them both once the price drops to $25 or less. Neither of these games are worth $60 anymore. NBA 2K11 was the last game that was worth $60. I still play it. I wish I could update all the rosters. 2K Sports should let you update the rosters and include player photos as well.