Destiny 2 Wishlist: The Top 5 Changes We'd Like To See In Bungie's Confirmed Sequel

Destiny has been extremely successful commercially out of the gate, becoming the biggest new franchise launch ever and a top-ten game launch of all time. The title has more than 9.5 million players, and Activision Blizzard stated in its earnings call that future expansions and a full sequel are in development.

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TimeSkipLuffy1297d ago

I haven't bought Destiny 1 yet because it is neither a MMORPG Shooter nor a story driven shooter like Borderlands or Fallout 3. I still need to figure out if a little bit of everything is actually what I want to play... probably not because I haven't bought it yet...

I mean... the story is about Guardians trying to stop the dark forces to eradicate the human race from earth but then there are competitive modes where guardians fight and kill each other? :D

martinezjesus19931297d ago

So you havent played it yet you are passing judgement on it?? Yup seems like what 90 percent of Destiny haters here are like

venom061297d ago

how bout they fix the fuckin game before they start talking about a DESTINY 2???

martinezjesus19931297d ago

@venom, the game is not broken so idk what you are talking about.

emad-E-three1297d ago

The game is not broken you say?!

- Stupid and unfair reward system, finished the raid 8 times so far and not even a single armour!! Reached rank 45 with "Master Rahool" :3 and so far not even a single exotic weapon yet some people got the Monte Carlo from a blue engram and some from reaching rank 10!! Clearly broken reward system.

- Extremely bad servers, lag, errors and lots of glitches specially in the VoG! Broken servers yet its an online only game (mmo I know and here is the problem)!

- Empty game, for 60$ the contents aren't worth it, 6 stikes and 1 raid and repeative (so called story) missions! And the rest of your game the one you payed full price for is blocked and can't be accessed unless you pay them more! And how much do the "DLC" cost again??! Not broken huh!

You don't need to be a fanboy man Yes I play it and yes I enjoy it "when it works" but simply can't deny the big issues the game have, so in the end it is a Broken game and in my opinion its 6 out of 10.

martinezjesus19931297d ago

@emad. The game has flaws, and its not perfect but its not broken. Driveclub is broken, BF4 was broken. See what broken means?

martinezjesus19931297d ago

If what you say is true you have gotten over 150 hours into the game cause yes , getting to rank 45 with the cryptarch takes a while.

I would buy the exotics if I were you :) I have a total of 10 exotics, 5 ive gotten from the agent of nine. The guy is cool, you should pay him a visit.

Let me just ask you this. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT!! You have put in over 150 hours into a game that you say lacks content. That doesnt seem like it lacks content to me. How many games can you honestly name that you put in 150+ hours into?

About the lag. I play on ps4, which according to most, has the worst network in the history of networks, yet I could count with one hand the amount of times I have been kicked out of a game or started lagging. You need to get yourself some better internet man. And the bugs and glitches, Ill give you one good example, FALLOUT 3. It is problably the buggiest/glitchiest game in history, yet people dont call the game broken, they call it one of the best games of all time (rightly so)

emad-E-three1296d ago

BF4 yes broken but Driveclub no, everything about it was fine except for the multiplayer aspect of the game was broken due to bad servers and it's not an online only game like Destiny when servers are everything in the game!

Yes about 150h in the game repeating every mission 10s of times and im not saying the game is bad or hating but im saying Activision and Bungie are crap for such a game, it had potential it be the next big thing but it failed to deliver for the reasons I stated earlier, though to be clear im addicted to it.

For the exotics I do have a good number of armour and weapons but none of them was a reward for the activities and the time im putting in the game except for The Last Word got it from the Iron Banner which was a surprise yet earned it because I was the first on my team ;)

Don't give me examples for other glitchy games thats not an excuse and for the lag I can play games like BF and Killzone normally thanks to the dedicated servers not some cheap P2P type of servers! IGN wrote an article about the lag and glitches so not really a PSN issue.

Lastly what else do I want? I want the rest of my game I paid full for the rest of the STORY missions of MY GAME! Since when we are ok with cutting parts of the story and charging more for them let alone they're not a real "DLC" because again they're already inside my game -_-

Love playing destiny with my friends but so far don't see myself doing the same mistake with the next one.

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otherZinc1297d ago

Splitscreen Campaign Co-op.

DivoJones1297d ago

Keep waiting.. it'll be very cheap in no time. I've noticed a considerable decrease over the last few days. Granted that could just be matchmaking putting me in fairly empty lobbies/areas. But based on forum posts and personal experiences I see a lot of people bored/finished with it already.

Rimeskeem1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Better Story
More worlds
More character customization
Ghost customization
Better voice acting

these are what i want at least

mx1041297d ago

Needs a more in depth and deep story. It was compared to star wars before release but it seems like it doesnt come close. A story and bigger, richer planets would be great

jhoward5851297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

ability to fly your space craft in space.

Unique weapon system and upgrade.

Deep story.

Better character with Unique personality.

less use of hover bike.

Balance out the characters as far as ability and powers.

add more treasures to search for in the game.

add More diverse worlds to explore.

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