Advanced Warfare Dev Wants Another World War II Call of Duty

If you'd like to see a future Call of Duty game return to World War II, you're not alone. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey would also like to play a game set during that time period, he says in a new interview.

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theXtReMe11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

In the words of the immortal Daniel Bryan, Yes! Yes! Yes! Any game that takes place in World War II, with today's visuals would be a welcome treat. Id even welcome a remaster of Call Of Duty 2, just to wet my appetite.

While you're at it, make a Civil War game also. Open world would be nice, so we can experience all of the battles up and down the East Coast.

The only kicker is, it would have to have an incredible single player campaign that lasts more than a couple of hours. It would be really cool if we could experience those battles on foot, in the air, by sea, or in a tank... Or a combination of all of them.

guitarded771384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

The Civil War is interesting history-wise, but doubt the gunplay would be fun. I would enjoy a new WWII game with the new-gen of hardware. D-Day would be insane.

BiggerBoss1384d ago

I used to have a 360 game based on the civil war (i believe it was actually called civil war lol) and yeah the gunplay was as bad as youd expect

I could definitely get behind a new WW2 COD, it feels way overdue

Eldyraen1384d ago

CoD2 multiplayer was a blast and kept it simple.

I too would love a new WW2 shooter though. A World at War sequel could work but I also hope we see a new Brother's in Arms at some point as last I heard Furious Four turned into its own game and BiA IMO is one of the best WW2 games (or story based war games period) and deserves to see a new one made.

venom061384d ago

NOONE but NOONE will want another WWII CoD game.. dang, they already did that... MULTIPLE times.. been there, done that.. it might be time for folks to start admitting that CoD has peaked and there's really nothing else for it to do other that a CoD/Minecraft hybrid (which would suck also)

theXtReMe11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I think the problem is, World War I wasn't as memorable a war for America for some reason. People know World War II and the Civil War, because they are jammed down your throat in history classes across the nation, while World War I is sort of skimmed over.

I welcome any history lessons wrapped up in a game. It's funny, the older you get, the more you want to learn about things you had no interest in when you were going to school. I loved the History Channel games last generation, because they were that history lesson that you could play through and understand what people went through. They offered unlockables that were journals and pictures from and of Civil War soldiers. Giving you a bit of insight into what they were experiencing, when they were experiencing it. Very cool stuff.

So, I hope that if they go back and revisit these times, they do them right and just don't make them Call Of Duty in World War II, they actually take real battles by day and date and put you in the shoes of a soldier who's every step could be his last.

guitarded771384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Also, WWI was a nasty war fought with chemical weapons in trenches. There weren't the epic battles on the constant like in WWII. The 4 fronts in WWII added so much diversity to story telling (not even counting sea battle). But you can go from Europe to Russia to Africa to the far Ease in one game. Plus the weapons and engineering of the time were growing so fast. It's almost easy to romanticize. My grandfather was in the first wave of Marines to hit Iwo Jima. When the lander's door opened, both men on either side of him were shot dead immediately. He lived with some horrid memories of WWII and Korea.

Kleptic1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

This is specific to the United States, but may the be the case for other countries as well...

WWII has more of a marketable interest to US consumers mostly because WWII was the last time the US fought a real army(s) directly because of being attacked...its the last 'worthy fight' the United States ever participated in...IMO, that is the main reason that WWII era 'things' seem to be more widely accepted in all entertainment outlets...

form a video game specific perspective...the Civil War and even WWI...poses multiple problems from a gameplay design perspective...the civil war would be fun?...yeah...if they focus on a guerilla war party of little significance to a specific battle...but if they want to tell a big specific CW story, it would literally involve standing in line...firing a shot...then a 45 second long QTE of muzzle loading your rifle...CW is a strategy game candidate, but far from any form of 'action' game...again, imo...

same with WW1...if it was to have any real historical accuracy it would be hiding in trenches for days, rushing barbed wire laced fields randomly with little intel...then congregating in a 'taken' enemy trench that was trapped with mustard gas canisters...and waiting about 72 hours to die...

All i'm saying is that WWII was the first 'modern' war for most of the world, and the last one that multiple involved countries had any business being a part of...history receptive society loves that, because there is very little controversy...anything before WWII would be nearly impossible to accurately portray in any action oriented way...and most things after get so much resistance its difficult to push through in general...There is a reason most 'modern' action games are centered around fictional theaters...

Father__Merrin1384d ago

WAW was excellent, had a good campian and multilayer, campaign coop also

it would be great to see a return

NarooN1384d ago

For those interested, there was a trademark found earlier this year for a "Call of Duty: World at War 2".

I haven't bought a CoD game since MW2, but WaW2 could certainly change my mind.

theshredded1384d ago

please do!now that both black ops and ghosts cover modern call of duty

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