Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U listed in Target database

"A listing for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Wii U has been spotted in Target’s database. Don’t take this as a confirmation that Activision is bringing the shooter to Nintendo’s console though, as it could certainly be an error. It’s definitely peculiar that the listing has popped up after Advanced Warfare’s launch!"

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Metallox1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

No, it's a mistake, I don't think Activision it's stupid enough like Ubisoft to publish the game on the console months after the original release.

And it's coming from a blurry image, lol

MSBAUSTX1353d ago

It is most likely a mistake. However, If they released it for Wii U, I would buy it. I enjoyed the last two CODs on my Wii U and they were some what close to what XB1 and PS4 had graphically. That may not be saying much since really they didn't look incredible on those other two systems. Developers understand the Wii U much more now than they did in the days of Ghosts and BO2 though. If you doubt that then go play Bayonetta 2 and tell me that it isn't next gen quality.

In the long run, if they release it for Wii U I would support it and try to keep COD games getting to as many people as possible. Activision hasn't crapped on Wii U owners and Nintendo as Ubisoft has. I think Wii U owners would be supportive. I can get on Ghosts or BO2 on my Wii U and play online with people any time of the day.

So there are people out there that would buy it. Not to mention more and more people every day joining the Wii U community. In the end, I think it won't come to Wii U. It would be cool if it did though.

Chris5581353d ago

yes activision hasn't oh wait... they alread did leaving out all the dlc season pass which is more than half of content from cod games

LOL_WUT1353d ago

Weren't you complaining about Watchdogs regarding its price and late release? But now suddenly this is ok even if it releases months from now? Also if I remember correctly the last two CoD's on the Wii U didn't get the DLC till much, much later. ;)

This is a game that should've launched on the Wii U but didn't because of the route Nintendo decided to go with its hardware. With all that said theres many active CoD players on the Wii U so many will pick it up for the system.

Errefus1353d ago

ever since they said a couple of months that wii u port might possible i was on board, i love black ops 2 on my wii u.

I remember them canceling it for wii u but if the game still exists i would buy it, for some reason i enjoy them more on wii u than the other consoles. i hate ghosts on my ps4 just doesn't feel right.

MSBAUSTX1353d ago

@ lol_wut

The difference is that Ubisoft ripped all of it's support from Wii U and talked garbage about the owners of Wii Us and also blamed Nintendo for Ubisoft's failure on the Wii U. Last I checked Activision hasn't done any of that. At the very least, if they released this game, it would be a surprise and a treat.

Where Watch Dogs is concerned they kept pushing it and pushing it then said it wouldn't get any of the DLC ever and charged the same price. DLC for Watch dogs is much different than DLC in a COD game. I play COD games because of their campaign and the a little bit for the entertainment value in their multiplayer modes.

Watch Dogs DLC is new missions completely! They have never done that with single player modes of COD games that I can remember. That means that they are charging full price for Watch Dogs and never giving Wii U owners the chance to play the extra missions.

Activision with held some multiplayer maps. To someone who plays COD games because the campaigns are fun I really don't care if I don't get a few multiplayer maps or guns. But I appreciate your personal attack and giving me a good opportunity to explain why this game would be a better purchase than ANYTHING Ubisoft releases. Have a nice day.

mikeslemonade1353d ago

^B2 is not current gen spec quality. I'm pretty sure you are referring to the big bosses. God of War 3 did that and it looked better. Bayonetta 1 is better than B2 in a direct comparison.

You Nintendo fans here just got lucky that the critics who are also biased gave this game a low 9. As far as I'm concerned it deserves the same score as DmC.

Concertoine1353d ago


You really should lose comment privileges if all you have to say is stupid inflammatory crap. Contribute something to the conversation or don't say anything.

As for Cod, wii u owners have shown they arent interested in the game that Activision keeps giving them.

Chrischi19881352d ago

It got a low 9? Maybe if you take all the biased reviews into the calculation, but if you talk about real gaming journalists, journalists that never ever actually defended the Wii U, journalists, who most times bashed the Wii U, gave it a 10/10. You never played that game, you have no idea about it, you dont know what makes a Hack and Slash game a good game, you probably look the videos in low quality on youtube, with bad framerate. You dont know it is about the feeling, when playing it, that makes hack and slash games a good game. You simply cannot take it, that a new Wii U game is basically the best so far, that NEXT GEN, had to offer. The only thing with reviews on par, is a remastered game, that is one of the best of the last generation, that had like almost 10 years to be this good. Too bad that you cannot see a good game, for the game that it is, you simply cannot understand, that a game on Wii U can be very very good and why? Because you are a small stubborn child. If the same game came to PS4 and got these reviews, you would go insane and talk like it is the best game ever. You just dont like the Wii U and alone this simple fact shows how immature you are. Like a game is good or bad, because of the plattform it is on, that is just silly.

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Chrischi19881353d ago

As much as I would like this to happen, I dont believe it.

dubal-e1353d ago

I'd buy it too, butttttt. I'm pretty sure its not coming.

dubal-e1353d ago

Although it would be funny if at the end of the direct today they go, by the way call of duty is coming. Have a nice day. Lol

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1353d ago

western publishers games never get a spot in any direct so that not happening already

wonderfulmonkeyman1353d ago

The only way I'd get it is if it had the option to buy all the dlc, and the base game came cheaper to make up for the delay.

jayzablade1353d ago

I'm with you on that mate!!

Apex131353d ago

If they actually release it after everyone else then they are idiots and frankly like other third parties are out to watch this machine fail.

I would have actually purchased the wii u one as I enjoyed ghost on that more than he others in multiplayer

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