Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review — paulsemel

By injecting some Matrix/Aliens-style sci-fi into the usual mix, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is the most unique installment in this series in years.

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The93Sting1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

a 9? lol.. I've been playing this game for straight 2 hours, it got boring so fast. I wouldn't overrate it like this. based on what I've experienced, it's a 5.5-6.0/10 max. for mp, 7.5/10 for sp because it was short.

go out and listen to the people, real people who play the game not review sites (obviously they're paid reviews) everyone's complaining about the game, how laggy it is, how frustrating the exo-suits are.

I would prefer a WWII themed COD just like COD:WaW on next gen, imagine how well it'll look, plus this futuristic BS is not suitable for COD, this is not halo nor it's titanfall.

Gameboy451354d ago

You don't like it then bring it back to gamstop and keep it moving

The93Sting1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

"keep it moving"


I think you should've checked out these first before making that comment, my friend.