343 Industries Announces The Halo Championship Series

Markus writes "343 Industries has announced the “Halo Championship Series”, an official eSports league that celebrates Halo’s rich competitive gaming legacy. 343i has teamed up with Twitch, ESL and other tournament organizers to create a year of high-stakes action featuring Halo 2: Anniversary in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In the coming weeks, 343 Industries will publish the official rules handbook, and players will also be able to register their teams and compete online."

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That one guy 861206d ago

Does this mean 343 is going to make halo 5, more competitive? They seem to be listening to the fans, by bringing back halo 2 ranks.

GearSkiN1206d ago

From the looks of it is going back to its roots, as you can see the beta is a year away from the final game, feedback is key.

Brazz1206d ago

THIS IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. i don't think 343i can do a better work on halo than bunggy, but i'm sure they are going to make a amazing game...just forget halo 4, try something new, or, at least, try to be more like halo 2-3 ( in my humble oppinion, the 2 best halo games.)

Illusive_Man1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

343i is the better Bungie. A lot of the big names came over to form their own studio because they loved Halo so much. I actually think the old guys and the new talent they've brought in has greatly contributed to the high quality to the series. Halo 4 IMO was the best in the series and I thoroughly enjoyed the MP, although I do understand why it may have turned off a lot of seasoned Halo vets. Halo 5 will have the right balance of old and new.

Reaper29r1206d ago

Well said man. I feel the same way. To me it had the best story. The multi was also solid, I just didn't like load outs. Armor specials and weapons should be something picked up. If they bring back that arena style gameplay and keep doing awesome on the story, they will have surpassed Bungie (old and current) IMO.

GearSkiN1206d ago

The new team shows what 343 did on halo 4 graphically an amazing looking game, I enjoyed halo 4 I didn't mind the abilities at all, that dash is my fav,

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