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vishmarx1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

new trailer every other day
trying too hard

"made by 10 studios taking 4 years is the most innovative leap forward for nex gen"
"pushed hardware to the absolute limits"
i am gonna note this down for when digital foundry posts the analysis
if the screens leaked were legit , were gonna have one hell of a time

and 5000 characters lol?
seriously? why? doubt we can see more than 500-800 at any time no matter what
if they held res back for this then (they said its a cpu bottleneck didnt they?) then theyre really stupid

DuoBrian1268d ago

Ubisoft has been doing this to all of their titles lately.

starchild1267d ago

You guys are ridiculous. You're the ones trying too hard. The things you complain about are ridiculous nitpicks that don't even make sense. Just grasping at anything you can in order to hate on the game.

I've seen parts of this game where there were easily thousands of characters on screen at once and it looks damn impressive. This is the kind of stuff I want to see more of in games.

This game is certainly one of the most graphically advanced games we have seen yet. There is no debating that.

chaldo1267d ago


Seems like you're the one trying really hard to hate on the game. Just like a lot of ppl here on N4G. Sad.

ninsigma1268d ago

Glad I watched this video. Got me interested in the game again. Wish they hadn't mentioned the time anomaly part though, would have been a nice surprise during the game. Oh well!

Spenok1267d ago

Yeah this game has me pretty hyped. I'm honestly expecting it to be my GOTY.

I also agree with the Time Anomaly. Seems like it would have been one of the bigger surprises in a big name game in a long time. Still looks fun though.

Seriously can't wait for this game.

theshredded1268d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Man this year is pretty pathetic for PS4/Xbone owners.Nothing worthwhile to play,I'm not a fool to buy remasters at full price.Every AAA game released so far has been meh.I'm not a fan of racing games and am sick of multiplayer heavy shooters which all turned out to be rather disappointing.I'm waiting for February for the good games especially BloodBorne.This is my opinion ofcourse.It'll soon be a year and I haven't bought a single game,except Flower which was technically free with my $10 voucher.Thank God there are indies.My most enjoyable experiences came from D4,Velocity 2x & Resogun

ninsigma1267d ago

If you haven't already, try shadow of mordor. Or lords of the fallen is another good one. Unless it was exclusives you were looking for of course!

Spenok1267d ago

This. Shadow of Mordor is a fantastic title. Especially if you're into LOTR. While Lords of the Fallen is a little rough around the edges, it is a pretty good game, especially for those who enjoy the Dark Souls kind of games.

ninsigma1267d ago

I've only had one play of lords so far because I'm still doin shadow of mordor. The thing that annoys me about it though (and I know it's supposed to be like that) is the check points. I died on my first shot of the 2nd boss and I was put right back to when I first stepped outside to the courtyard. Now I'm all for a hard game, but I think on the bosses, a checkpoint outside the fight area would suffice.

Harold_Finch1267d ago

The new COD, Sunset Overdrive, Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein.

All great, fun games.