Grand Theft Auto 5: Leaping the Generation Gap

"This is GTA V on a current generation console; the PS4, to be specific. This is not simply GTA V upscaled; that much is already clear. This is GTA V upgraded, on every level."

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iistuii1135d ago

Let's just hope they've added some AA to this version. These open world games are sooo jaggie.

smolinsk1135d ago

This is how you do it Ubisoft, this is how you make a gamer happy:)

Rhomiel1135d ago

He's probably refering to Watchdog not being good enough or sumtin

smellslikeralph1135d ago

Ubisoft? Dont u mean rockstar

bouzebbal1135d ago

damn it's huge.
i'm getting more and more tempted

Saithraphim1135d ago

Ok this game is going to be amazing, we know that. but is anyone else impressed with whom ever put that video together...damn!

ab5olut10n1135d ago

very nicely done, that video

phinch1135d ago

Been brushing up on the ps3 version for practice, really looking forward to this!

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