Rumor: The Division's Beta Coming in March; Initially Exclusive to Xbox One

If you’re excited for Tom Clancy’s The Division, we might get to catch a glimpse on it soon enough according to industry insider Shinobi602, who is quite consistent in the credibility of the information provided by his sources.

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donthate1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I am looking forward to this game.

I always liked the Tom Clancy series, from Ghost Recon to Rainbow Six. However, their game mechanic is getting stale, so I hope for something really fresh.


We already know MS cut a deal with Ubisoft about The Division. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy it on the PS4 still.

vishmarx1326d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond1326d ago

This is like Destiny allll over again.

Automatic791326d ago

First Halo Guardians, then Evolve now the Division keep up the good work MS love what you doing with X1.

medman1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Does anything this guy just said make anyone? I can't make heads nor tails of it. Is it worth getting hyped up over timed demos/alphas/betas for Evolve and The Division?? Does timed exclusive content really get your juices flowing?? If so, I feel for you. Is that what we've come to? Good gawd man, good gawd.

Blaze9291325d ago

Or maybe he's happy Microsoft is making his Xbox One over PS4 purchase mean something to him? So yes, "Does anything this guy just said make anyone?"

it does.

Menkyo1326d ago

If you didnt know by now the division was going with xbone for exclusive content first you have been paying attention. Ps4 got the Destiny beta first xbone gets the division it balances out.

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OB1Biker1326d ago

Why? Its probably going to be like only a few days before PS4 get it. For a proper beta they need PS4 users stressing the servers IMO

Mistry1325d ago

I was saying the same thing when I read the title. It's a bit funny how I spotted this after reading the article about a Division dev in an interview talking about parity. It doesn't bother me when a beta is being exclusive to one console but I honestly think this parity crap as to stop. No one in their right mind will intentionally downgrade their game just to make everybody feel happy without having some huge benefit from doing so. This gen has been slightly disappointing when it comes to things like this especially when it's obvious they are doing it to just make quick profit for doing less work. I just hope parity doesn't become a norm with multiplat games. I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this. I don't comment much because there are some unreasonable people on here and to read what they say can be mind numbing.

2cents1325d ago

Thanks Shinobi, for stealing their thunder and claiming it as your own. Did you get the ego boost you needed?

At least you are now successful for planting the seed of annoyance but infecting this already torrid landscape.

True or not, It should be left for Ubisoft to announce. after all, they are the ones making it aren't they?

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XboxOneX1326d ago

This game looks amazing :)

Fizzgig1326d ago


Oh wait, I have an Xbox One!


qwerty6761326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

then they were like ohhhh crap everyone buying ps4s. quick make it for everyone

@Ciporta1980 how do you know? microsoft and sony have access to lot more data then we do, and they obviously see its effect and clearly it works or else they wouldn't keep doing it.

Ciporta19801326d ago

Why do sony and Microsoft keep doing this? Unless it's by a first party studio then just let it be multiplatform. It's just wasted money on both sides.

strangeaeon1326d ago

I agree, for instance the fact that the next TR is exclusive to the X1 (for whatever time period) doesn't make it any more enjoyable for me even though it's my system of choice. Keep third party games multiplat.

AngelicIceDiamond1326d ago

Its all for marketing purposes mainly.

I've warned people this is only gonna get worse. If anyone thought this was gonna end with Sony and Bungie. Sadly you guys are mistaken.

And since MS got caught off guard for the very first time with the whole Sony and Bungie collaboration, MS is gonna be doing more than ever now.

And next the next big game Sony will make a deal its a vicious cycle.

@Ciporta I'm afraid making deals will be much stronger this gen. Considering publishers LOVE Sony and MS $$$.

MeliMel1325d ago

You mean Activision and Sony... Bungie and Sony have no deals. And MS has first dibs on Bungie games if they want. Also its ok if Bungie decides to work with Sony. MS still has a stake in cha ching.....

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