Is the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition good value for money?

Square Enix has announced its Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition. Breaking down the items that you receive in this exclusive edition compared to their individual prices, Geeks Don't Lie takes a look at whether the price tag is actually good value for money.

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Serrafina1349d ago

I think it is, because I can either trade-in or sell the KH 1.5 to get a lesser value on the item. After all, it's going to contain KH 1.5 anyways, so I'll be getting it back.

Hipp01349d ago

I completely agree, although I'm not sure I do want to get rid of my original KH 1.5 as it's a limited edition one. Decisions, decisions!

The plush makes it totally worth it though!

blackblades1349d ago

Problem with that is I don't like trading or selling my stuff, even if I'll be getting it back it's not same. Doesn't really matter anyway I don't even buy collectors editions.

-Foxtrot1349d ago

Well put it this way, it had both games to start off with.

Then you have the hardcover artbook, the Disney pin, the plush toy and my favourite the Steelbook which has no mention of the PS3 on it, meaning you could keep the Steelbook for any newer releases in the future if they don't get Steelbook release.

randomass1711349d ago

$80 to cover the two collections consisting of four games and two movies total and $20 to cover the merchandise. Seems fair to me!

jc485731349d ago

It should be 60 dollars for two collections as 1.5 got a a price drop, so you are technically paying 40 dollars for the collectible extras.

tanukisuit1349d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Managed to snag a preorder.

Spenok1349d ago

Yeah I have to go do this now myself :P

sashimi1349d ago

$40 for KH 2.5, $20 for KH 1.5, $40 for steelcase, artbook, plushie, custom packaging. Yeah i already preordered cause it was worth it for me.

tanukisuit1349d ago

International shipping for me was pretty rough. I'm gonna be hit with import fees too, most likely :/

sashimi1349d ago

yeah i'm in the US so its not that bad, but for everyone else its pretty much a situation of how big of a Kingdom Hearts fan are you.

I also never played Kingdom Hearts so this was a little easier to justify for me.

Hipp01349d ago

That sucks, I was lucky as according to the EU Square Enix store "Free shipping for orders £70 and above".

I hate outrageous shipping costs, I've ordered things before that have cost me more to ship than the damn item itself!

WildArmed1349d ago

Ahh, dang I would have bought it if it was for around 60$. (which is ridiculous to ask, I know).

But, I'll hold on to my KH HD 1.5 for now. And wait for 2.5 to drop to 20$.

Can't wait, BBS was my fav. KH so far.

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