Experienced Points: Should Any Aspect of Gaming Be Off-Limits to Discussion?

Shamus Young:

When I do a negative column like the two recent tirades on Shadow of Mordor, I often get a lot of push-back. Some accuse me of hating a game while others insist I am focusing on all the wrong things. People always feel the need to jump in and somehow attempt to discount, discredit, or invalidate my thoughts. "That's not a legitimate complaint!" Even if those thoughts are clearly subjective. When I complained about the story, people said I was overlooking the gameplay. When I complained about the gameplay people said I was overlooking the nemesis system. And I'm sure if I had dumped on the nemesis system somebody would have taken offense that I spent so much time on a "minor" feature when clearly so much of the game is focused on the Tolkien-based story.

Here's the secret when it comes to game criticism: Everything is permitted.

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