Here’s your PlayStation Store discounts for the week

Discounts on the PlayStation Store have been posted by Sony, and there are quite a few offerings for both Europe and North America.

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rivencleft1261d ago

Really can't wait to try out Binding of Isaac. Have it downloaded on my PS4 but haven't had the time to check it out yet. Looks to be another indie I may enjoy, steamworld dig was just awesome, played that game for hours until I beat it in one sitting.

akiraburn1260d ago

As a tremendous fan of the original Binding of Isaac, I'd say they did a decent job with the remake. I don't know if you had the chance to play the original and its DLC, but the game was incredible, albeit limited due to everything being coded through Flash. As a result, the game had no controller support and didn't run anywhere near as smooth as this remake does. Having the 60 FPS really makes this worthwhile, and overall it seems to be pretty consistent. Not to mention that there's a ton of new content, making this nearly a new game entirely.

Things aren't perfect however. The original score from the first game is completely gone, and in place of it is a really annoying original score. It just doesn't work for the game at all. The original score was in many ways minimalistic, and yet it built the atmosphere perfectly without making you focus on it. This new score misses every mark in that respect. They also retooled the vast majority of the sound effects, and about half of them too seem to have received a downgrade of sorts, while the other half sound really good and work well.

The only other thing I can mention is that I'm sure Edmund McMillan has a lot planned to update the game. There are some obvious areas where it seems they can improve, like how abilities visually stack up (original showed more simultaneous visual changes on Isaac), and given the amount of support that the original game received I'd say they almost assuredly will add/fix anything that needs it, while adding a decent amount of free content. That's how the original game turned out anyway.

I really do hope they at some point patch in the original soundtrack though, because as it stands, whil I'm playing Rebirth I have the game music muted and instead play the OST from the first game while I game (not the same experience since the music won't change per level, but still better than listening to the new score).

rivencleft1260d ago

You know, I never had the opportunity to play the original game, but from what I'm reading a lot of people love it. Kinda of glad I didn't though since I can see how the music would affect the gameplay second time around. Depending on the game most times I usually mute the music anyway though.