WoW Wednesday: Progressing Past the Prime

MMOGames' Theodore Binas writes:
"We are so close to Draenor! The ides of November march on! Can you feel the quakes on the ground as the Iron Horde approaches? Can you hear their warsong as it booms in the air? Can you also sense the level cap increase and near obsoletion of your gear? Well, you are not alone, my friend. As we march forth to and through the Dark Portal, we take a look back at all the adventures we’ve had while on Pandaria and then realize that we are coming up to the newest grind that WoW has to offer and, if it’s one thing we know, we all aren’t strangers to visiting new lands and the treasures they have to offer. But there’s always that sinking feeling that most, if not all, your hardwork in the past may have been for nothing."

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