Zelda Wii U Should Take Place in the Era of Decline

This article discusses where Zelda Wii U could fall into Hyrule Historia's timeline.

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GamePeace1382d ago

Such overrated series, it has always taken place in the "era of decline", nothing new ...

WeAreLegion1382d ago

Dissing Zelda on a gaming forum?

It's a bold move, Cotton! Let's see if it pays off!

GamePeace1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

There's nothing to see, of course it will not pay off, but why should I care what others try to throw at my head for expressing my personal point of view? For me only my point of view counts, I ignore the unqualified point of view of others, because they are not worth to be taken seriously, especially people on "a gaming forum".

And who is "Cotton"? Irrationality reaches new grounds or are you not able to read correctly, where does my username contain the word "Cotton", where? Are you kind of dumb? Sorry that I don't share your love for some product that you name "Zelda". I'm not errected by it ...

Of course everyone who has a different opinion will be "dissed" (that's how you see it), but I can tell you or everyone else that I won't feel "dissed" by empty words that come from people who can't even keep their own morals. Or should I force myself to like something, because everyone else likes it? What kind of primitive thinking is this?

Now feel free to send dead letters and "diss" me, so that I can cry the whole night and life about it, haha.

On a side note: all the disagrees won't change my mind about the subject, nor will it make me cry or something ... idiots!

@NukeCola, you're talking like it is something that cures cancer, while it is merely a product that has the main intent to made to make millions (especially the Zelda series), they have been "milking" the series "most of the time", for DECADES now! In the end it does not offer really something new, it's always the same for years and I doubt that this game will change it, I highly doubt it. That's why I'm critical.

NukaCola1382d ago


You sound like you just have a bad attitude. That's not cool.

The world is in peril in LOZ games, most of the time, but not in decline. Each Zelda game shows that there is light and life found hidden in the hearts of those who do not fear the dark...I think it's quite imaginatize and uplifting.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1382d ago

Since Nintendo itself is in a state of decline, it would be cool if the Zelda took place in a setting of decline.

That would be cool, cool idea.

andrewer1382d ago

@GamePeace "For me only my point of view counts". And for the world, your opinion doesn't matter. So if you don't talk, everybody will be happy. OK Cotton?

ChickeyCantor1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

" For me only my point of view counts"

What makes you think we'd care then for you to publicly announce it?

Attention seeking 101. Good luck in life buddy.

" That's why I'm critical."


BeefCurtains1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

LOL, @gamepeace... He writes a novel explaining why he doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Oh cotton...

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crusf1382d ago

What a lousy opinion...

Spotie1382d ago

Lousy? Don't you think you're being a bit generous?

FanboyKilla1382d ago

@gamePeace sounds like you dont own a wii u.

WeAreLegion1382d ago

That's a good idea, but I'll just be happy to have a new Zelda.

bcornett141382d ago

For sure. It'll be nice to have a HD Zelda adventure. Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Warriors have been nice to hold over, but Zelda U at E3 2015 is what I'm looking forward to most.

ashen1221382d ago

man i never really try to place the timeline, i just enjoy the adventure.

bcornett141382d ago

I feel your sentiments on not trying to place in the timeline, but at the same time, I think that's becoming quite the fun thing about the Zelda franchise anymore is the lore behind the timeline and how it all connects to one story taking place in spans of different times.

LegendZelda1382d ago

I hope this game takes place before or after Skyward Sword.

Spenok1382d ago

Uh... there's only been two unofficial "Sequel" Zeldas, which took place in the same time period as the previous ones. Majora's Mask, and A Link Between Worlds. I highly doubt this will be at the same time as any of the others.