Alleged Just Cause 3 screens leaked - Why we need Rico Rodriguez back in our lives

Dealspwn: " Avalanche are being very coy, and no doubt focusing most of their efforts on Mad Max, but the return of Rico Rodriguez must surely be a priority for them.

We need him back, badly."

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Fizzler1264d ago

I know not every game needs multiplayer, however this one most certainly does!

WeAreLegion1264d ago

Have you played JC2 multi-player? It's amazing!!!

Spenok1264d ago

This game demanded it, and the mod for 2 on PC was freaking amazing, as WeAreLegion so eloquently said.

-Foxtrot1264d ago


I'd rather them use their resources to make the games world feel more alive

If you want open world stuff with friends then there is GTAV

KillerPwned1264d ago

JC2 was one of the best games released in last gen and one of the best Sand Box titles of all time IMO.

Hazmat131264d ago

unrealistic, shoot'em up with more explosions than Michael bay film and over the top action like a bad boys script! i really do need this!i love the Just Cause played on my PS2. and loved every second!and if on PS4, X1 gotta have some sort of chaos mode for online! or just regular free mode with 60 or more people! F*uk it add co op! this is mindless fun!

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