Xbox Live hit with sign-in issues

Xbox writes: "We’re aware that some of you are unable to sign in to Xbox Live, but we’d like to assure you that we’re doing all that we can to straighten things out. Your patience is appreciated during this process, Xbox members! Feel free to check back in half an hour for an update."


"UPDATE 3: Microsoft has confirmed that the issue has been fixed as of 19:26 BST, and we can at least confirm it on our end. Let us know if you're still having trouble, but otherwise, happy gaming folks!"

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nicksetzer11174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Why bring PS4 into this article at all? It just seems like a major troll article rather than informative. Especially considering it has been less than 30 minutes that it has been down, and "PS4'S rest mode" has NOTHING to do with this. Very unprofessional article IMO.

Currently 9:33am CST:
"11/5/2014 9:07:34 AM CST:
It’s come to our attention that some of you are unable to sign in to Xbox Live. Don’t worry, we’re working to get everything back to normal, and we’re grateful for your patience during this process. We’ll update you again in half an hour."

Blues Cowboy1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Sorry, but where is the trolling exactly? Mentioning a topical talking point is not the same as trolling a system.

EDIT: Also, this problem happened much more than 30 minutes ago - Microsoft only just noticed it. Either way, here's hoping for a quick fix!

Volkama1174d ago

Eh? Playstation 4 consoles not coming out of rest mode after a firmware update has absolutely no relevance to Xbox Live sign in issues. The writer is trying to stir a reaction from fanboys, and that's trolling

nicksetzer11174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I have no problem with the reporting of the issue. (As stupid as I PERSONALLY think it is to report an issue that will be fixed before this article is even approved) I do however, have a problem that you bring up irrelevant flame bait to get hits. Could you please explain in what way exactly PS4's rest mode relates to this issue?

Seems to me like you just quickly slapped this together to start a flame war and get hits, before anyone else wrote an article about it. However, at least when other sites do it they tend to focus on the issue, and not pit xbox one issues against irrelevant PS4 issues.

jrshankill1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Come on dude, you know exactly what you posted.

Everyone posting here surely couldn't have got the wrong reaction or picked up on the (blatantly obvious) attempt at flame bait wrongly. You could have easily have been informative without mentioning PS4 firmware (which has absolutely nothing to do with Xbox Live's status).

Anyway, I can sign into Live at the moment and I can see my friends list fine. I can also browse the Marketplace, but I can only launch certain games. Shadow of Mordor works, but Minecraft and EA Access vault games aren't working. Hope it is fixed soon.

Ps4andxb11173d ago

I got accused of trolling for mentioning the xb1 controller in a ds4 article.

This website seems very bias and selective to me.

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Sonital1174d ago

Because the gaming media are waiting to flood with these articles. It's the stupid comparisons, nitpicking and general arse-ry that makes them the money from hits.

Ra30301173d ago

Where as you make a great point the American Gaming Media is in the pocket of Microsoft and no matter the X1 issue they will always point out the issues of their competitor to deflect from their own. This tactic comes right out of the book of politics. Just wait until Microsoft sells more consoles in America and the huge deal that will be made out of that by the American media even if in total worldwide sales of the PS4 grows wider and even if it's just 1 more console that the X1 sells than the PS4. This just goes to show what the power that money can really least here in the United States.

3-4-51173d ago

XBL or PSN going down doesn't have to be negative, it can just be informative to give us a heads up.

Media always makes it out to be worse than it is for either system.

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Eonjay1174d ago

Can we get an informative article not a contexual flame baiting article. This has nothing to do with Sony or Rest Mode. Its like every article about one console has to reference another. Flame Wars now come built in.

FuzzyPixels1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Amusing oversensitivity here in the comments. Placing something in context is not flame bait nor is it trolling. There's no disparaging of the PS4 at all, rather the writer uses it to make a point that other platforms are having issues this week.

Eonjay1174d ago

And yet if it were the other way around and this was a Rest Mode article that referenced the Live issues, that would still be flame baiting. We are not children and we are not stupid. The biggest issue in gaming are our media sources that constantly pit us against each other for ad revenue.

FuzzyPixels1174d ago

"The biggest issue in gaming are our media sources that constantly pit us against each other for ad revenue."

That's really not something that's happening, certainly not here anyway. And even if it was, which it isn't, that means the power is in the hands of you. You can choose not to flip out over someone mentioning something as innocuous as another platform having had issues. The article doesn't make a big deal out of it, why are you?

Spotie1174d ago

Rest mode isn't a sign-in issue, therefore it's irrelevant. Bringing it up is stupid, and it's stupid to defend it.

PSN issues is relevant, after a fashion. It makes as much sense as bringing up XBL whenever something happens to PSN.

Flamebait, though, is flamebait, and that's what this is.

moegooner881174d ago

They need those hits someway mate. What you expect them to actually write a balanced, well researched piece. Come on that's so 2000.

NeoGamer2321174d ago

I did have problems with my Live ID on the web with my yesterday, but no problems with accessing Live on either my 360 or X1...

There was obviously an issue, but then again, at N4G everything seems to be an issue for fanboys to rant down any of the consoles.

yarbie10001174d ago

I just signed into live fine - have 45 friends online atm.

I'm not denying its happening to some btw cause I know some freak out - just not sure how widespread it is

tlougotg1174d ago

You sound like me when ppl say PSN is down, im one of the lucky ones that rarely experiences the PSN downtime or shortages, its weird but we are a lucky bunch. Enjoy your gaming and if you have Sunset Overdrive i hope your enjoying it.

GodGinrai1174d ago

I am in london and just turned on my console to check on my downloads. All is fine, here.

SonofGod1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I'm having problems with signing in.

Where do you live?


seems like this is outside of US then.

I live in Norway. Sill can't sign in :/

TRD4L1fe1174d ago

I'm on right now and so are a bunch of my friends. I live in FL and some of my online friends live on the west coast

n4rc1174d ago

My group of friends are on.. Southern Ontario..

poppinslops1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Well, I'm in Australia and this message was typed on my xbox one - which has been connected for about 6 hours (downloading from EA Access)...

If anything, Live has been MORE reliable of late (I'm pretty sure we just got our local Azure servers). My ping has been consistently lower for about a week now...

Deathdeliverer1173d ago

I couldn't sign in at all this morning over a span of 3 hours. Tried to get in a couple races on horizon before work and top it off with some AW on Ps4. It's all good though cause Forza isn't going anywhere and there's always later. Maybe down time wouldn't Bother people of they had more options (consoles) and/or a job.

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