GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC is a must-buy, especially for old-gen veterans

Rockstar’s first-person announcement for GTA 5 has removed any barrier to upgrading. Have at it, says Patrick Garratt.

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Dyldog691378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Yeah that pretty much ruled it as the frontrunner of the big final four for November of 1)Advanced Warfare 2)Dragon Age inquisition 3)Far Cry 4 4) Grand Theft Auto V. Far cry being the runner up here as I can only afford 1 this month. Good month for video games possibly the best in several years. Finally I feel like I have a gaming machine not a dust collector. Yay November!

Cam9771377d ago

Pretty sure AC Unity will be bought more than DA

MysticStrummer1378d ago

I'll still be buying Far Cry 4 instead of GTA5. First person mode, though it does sound fun, isn't enough to make me buy GTA5 again on day one. Maybe I'll buy it later, maybe not. If it had major new single player content like GTA4 got, it would be a different story.

DoctorFry1378d ago

Lol, no point in getting FC4 because GTA V renders it futile. Think about it, GTA V is far more versatile, and is optimized to be played in FP too.

MysticStrummer1377d ago

Even if I hadn't already played GTA5 enough to get tired of it, I don't agree with you. Like a man said below, the two are very different games. GTA Online doesn't interest me enough to buy the game again, and I've played through the story more than once. First person view is not some magical thing that will reenergize the game for me personally. Like I said, maybe I'll buy it later, but not day one.

Jaqen_Hghar1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

A man has both on his Christmas list! Also they are VERY different games if FC3 is anything to go by lol

MysticStrummer1377d ago

Ha well if someone gives me the game for Christmas I certainly won't complain about it. I'm just saying I won't buy it for myself until later, if I buy it at all.

Rampaged Death1377d ago

I'm not sold. I've already played the whole game. I just want that first major additional single player content.

mysteryraz111377d ago

if the x1 has a weaker gpu why is the gta5 remaster the same fps/resolution as the ps4 version which has a better gpu?

tee_bag2421377d ago

Heard of detail settings? Do try and learn

Jaqen_Hghar1377d ago

exactly. People apparently have never played a PC game before. There's all sorts of things like draw distance, shadow detail, character detail, anti-aliasing, and about a million other settings that can be adjusted.

tee_bag2421377d ago

Yeah.. this one's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen draw.

CannonB81377d ago

NO! Don't mention that! You'll attract the trolls!

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