Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dedicated Servers May not be so Dedicated

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released just a couple of days ago to a mostly positive response. While the title isn't necessarily groundbreaking, it does bring the same Call of Duty feel that we've come to know and love. However, as it turns out, Advanced Warfare may be suffering from the same broken promises as Destiny."

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Skate-AK1262d ago

Lol. Never seen that. It's sad how accurate it is.

MSBAUSTX1262d ago

The truest thing I have ever seen. I have definitely been involved in the COD cycle. However I do tend to always have fun with the game regardless of its reception. Also I do not play online all the time due to the people who spam the words this guy said. There are a TON of D bags that play online and it can ruin the experience. However I enjoy the Zombies, Extinction, and whatever the new game offers. I haven't picked it up yet so I can't remember what it's version of those things are exactly.

Either way I enjoy playing the campaign and trying to beat it on the hardest difficulty and playing the Co Operative multiplayer portions of the game. It is a lot more fun to me than having people spam the worst D Bag language and Tea bagging you all the time. Just my $.02 worth

Bansai1262d ago

Haha, people actually believe Advanced Lagfare has dedicated servers ?

Oh this is good.

Cream1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I was hoping for it.
Article nailed it with the Red Bars on connections.
I noticed the same thing.
well said... Bubble for you.

XanderZane1262d ago

They had them for CoD: Ghost. SledgeHammer said they would be having them for CoD:AW. We're still waiting for them. This P2P crap has to go.

XanderZane1262d ago

Where the hell are the damn dedicate servers Sledgehammer/Activision? Don't you hate when publishers and developers both lie to you?

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neocores1263d ago

The severs are point-to-point severs not dedis which they lied about.

donthate1263d ago

I thought CoD:AW was confirmed to be P2P with servers for matchmaking only?

I skipped it for now, because of that and going with Halo:MCC that has dedicated server.

MRMagoo1231263d ago

The fact that when you are playing a public game and the host leaves and the game searches for a new host shows its peer 2 peer

Riderz13371263d ago

The proof is the publisher is Activision.

Septic1262d ago

I have not had a single incident of the host switching that usually happens in COD. Is this deffo confirmed? Anyone got a link?

DLConspiracy1262d ago

There are certain ways a game reacts when its being hosted on a console versus running on dedi servers. I would think those type of peer to peer hosted console antics shine through. Unlike what they would ever react on dedicated. It says ping next to the names but people I used to play on ghosts I cannot play with now on AW because its simply too far away. It lags everyone not just that user out. Sometimes kicking large groups of people off the hosted console simultaneously.

Cream1262d ago

If they lied then is that false advertisement... then can I get my money back.

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gedden71263d ago

Why are we surprised??? WHY.. ALL 3rd party companies lie one way or another...

Lawboy21263d ago

The lag is reall...and it sucks unless ur host...

Detoxx1263d ago

How exactly do you "become" the host?

NarooN1263d ago

Mostly random, honestly.

MRMagoo1231263d ago

If you have a full party you can increase the chance one of you will be the host, it is usually random tho which sucks but that is one of the best ways to try to get host.

Cream1262d ago

if its a client side server then you don't want to be host.

SheenuTheLegend1262d ago

i am still to play a single match without lag.
in usa its less of a problem but in asia it kinda gets big.
I have 8mbps connection and i can play every other game more than fine. but never this

ramiuk11262d ago

i have 152mb download and 15-25 upload,not had any lag myself on ps4.
but i have noticed when i pop scoreboard up that quite a few pings are red and yellow but thats in evening UK time.
in them morning or afternoon in uk its been 100% ping all time.

famoussasjohn1262d ago

Even then, you can get screwed by the lag compensation when you are host.

hello121263d ago

I agree the game doesn't have dedicated servers at all. Played number of games last night the majority of people had red or yellow pings with 1 or 2 people having white pings.

I don't get it why play on subpar connection when we can use Azure on xb1. Devs just have to code for it and stop the parity crap for third party titles. If Sony doesn't want to provide their own servers so what why should users on xb1 suffer for it!

Microsoft should do whats best for xb1 and they should really be talking to third party devs about supporting Azure.

tlougotg1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

You think this is due to parity lol hahahahaha Its because Microsoft was full of it when they alluded to the fact that they would foot the bill and all games would be dedis, also this has to do with dev coding as well. Its a monetary situation bet that.


I respect your loving Microsoft and all but plz man, plzzzzz.

Ill jus drop that right there lol Microsoft always with their 180s and fuddled messages.

gamer91263d ago

I don’t think they said they would foot the bill, they said they would make servers available. For a cost. Activision needs to stop being so cheap and spend some money. It would make the game much better.

ScorpiusX1263d ago

You do realize that all dedicated servers MS offered are for games only on Xbox one all others are on their own.

Godz Kastro1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


Hey Genius, just because MS offered doesn't mean Activision accepted it. Some Companies want to keep infrastructure on their end just like EA back in the early days of 360.

Why they are not using Azure servers is a mush deeper conversation than money. Even if they were expoensive dont you think Activison could afford it?

Come on man, think things through before you post silly, jealous, hateful comments.

Ill leave it there since you cant respond.

DLConspiracy1262d ago

MS did offer up their servers for ghosts and they used it. It was reported that they were trying to get more for the PS4 version of the game before ghosts came out. There wasnt nearly as much lag on the xbone version of ghosts as there is on the xbone version of advanced warfare. Its more than obvious.

Like Godz kastro said. Just because MS offers it doesn't mean Activision is required to use it. They can if they want. Why they wouldn't alludes to parity. Which would make sense. Still as big as Activision is you would think they would have more than just a few listen servers to do matchmaking via peer to peer console hosted matches.

XanderZane1262d ago

You foolish fanboys love to twist words. Microsoft never said every game would use dedicated servers. They said they had 300K dedicated servers that 3rd party developers could use at a minimal cost. They said all their 1st party games would use these dedicated servers. They wanted all 3rd party developers to use these servers as well, but EA, 2K Sports and several other companies wanted to use and control their own servers and this is why many 3rd party companies aren't using Azure dedicated servers. I think they were footing the bill for the first year only. Whatever the case, M$ can't force these companies to use their servers. Your links says exactly what I said. Microsoft offered developers to use dedicated server. Obviously several developers chosed NOT TO USE the AZURE Dedicated servers. That's not Microsoft's fault. Learn to read.

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Ciporta19801263d ago

I really don't get it how far do people really think 300,000 servers will go? there's only so much they can do and they are nust used for xbox either.

DLConspiracy1262d ago

Much further than zero additional dedicated servers worldwide. The proof is in cod ghosts on Xbox one.

pompous1263d ago

Or maybe there's far more to it then MS has led the fans on to believe about Azure. Maybe it's harder to get the game going on them meaning more time/money spent, or they want FULL control over what goes on for mp.. OR the pubs are cheap and don't want to fork over the extra cash when free is perfectly fine to use..

famoussasjohn1262d ago

Titanfall on both Xbox One and PC seem to work just fine on Azure servers. Respawn had total control over the servers.

Aries831262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@KNWS I agree. People will complain about forcing resolution parity, we have the right to complain about online multiplayer parity.

MasterCornholio1262d ago

Activision isn't doing this because of parity. They are doing this because they dont like the dedicated server system that Microsoft is offering.

That's the truth.

SonyAddict1262d ago

Typical xbot!, let's blame it on Sony. .

Aries831262d ago

Please...Tiatanfall's servers are flawless, as an example. No matter how you may or may not feel about the game, it's stable and is always up. There have rarely been any issues.

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Christopher1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


They are supporting dedicated servers. For when you run private games. They've done this a few games now. It's a service you have to pay for.

They never said that public games would run on dedicated servers.

So, no one lied here, only people who don't know what is being discussed and decide to make it mean that all games would run on dedicated servers.

Utalkin2me1263d ago

Obviously you have no clue as to what you're talking about.

Christopher1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Obviously not. I mean, I only have this to go on:

Condrey: "Yes, we will be SUPPORTING dedicated servers and there will be announcements soon on WHICH PROVIDERS AND PLATFORMS. I can't answer just yet, but you can let your community know that it's coming."

Notice the emphasized portions. Notice that it was all public games going on dedicated servers they wouldn't need to announce anything of that sort. It would just be 'yes, the game will run on dedicated servers.'

@tlougotg: You said: "I respect your loving Microsoft and all but plz man, plzzzzz. "

Offering != Every game will run on dedicated servers. That means some people don't accept their offer nor do they explain the costs behind them.

So, no to that as well.

At no point has Activision said that their game would run public games on dedicated servers. At. No. Point. They've only said they would support it through certain providers and certain platforms that they have not mentioned yet.

Also, could you tell all these people over here --> <-- that I'm a Microsoft lover?

XanderZane1262d ago

Dude, Activision & Sledgehammer Games lied to their fans. They both said the game would be on dedicated servers just like CoD: Ghost. Now the game is released and it's set as P2P, which is BS. They should have had all thise crap set up BEFORE the game was released and not after.

Christopher1261d ago

No one lied. You guys just don't know how to read.

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